Military Bowl Video: Watch Air Force Fumble Away Perfect Ending

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That could have gone better. 

A game that saw only glimpses of defense ended on a play that would make every football coach cringe. Air Force had Toledo by the scruff, only to let them get away with a tremendous win at the Military Bowl on Wednesday. 

Tim Jefferson Jr. launched a bomb to Zack Kauth for a 33-yard touchdown reception. There was no sign of a defender, who had long since stumbled in his attempt to cover Kauth. 

Air Force marched into the end zone and pulled within a point of Toledo. Momentum, every last drop of the stuff, was on Air Force's side. That is when the stinky messy stuff hit the fan. 

Air Force opted to get silly instead of kicking for a tie. The Falcons lined up as if they were going to kick, and then they pulled off a poorly executed option out of the hold. 

Holder David Baska ran the option and pitched the ball to kicker Parker Herrington. It is at that point that most of you should be exclaiming, "But you don't give the ball to your kicker with the game on the line!"

I would have to agree with you. The ball gets knocked out of Herrington's feeble arms and out of the end zone. The extra point, gone. The two-point conversion for the in, bumbled. 

As for the miraculous ending that should have been for Air Force—gone forever. Instead, Toledo received the best gift in what was a ball traveling end over end out of bounds. 

That was one of the biggest momentum shifts I have ever seen. Toledo kept the ball the rest of the way and killed the clock. Air Force is off drinking its sorrows away instead. 

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