WWE: My Final Verdict On The "It Begins" Return

Sam WatkinsCorrespondent IApril 9, 2017

Is anybody else painfully sick of hearing the back and forth nonsense involving these promos. Now I am as big a Y2J fan as anyone, but even I am getting tired of these constant rumors and speculations from the promos. We have heard names tossed around like The Undertaker, Skip Sheffield, and now even Jeff Hardy was thrown into the mix. As much as I would enjoy seeing Jericho return next Monday on Raw, I may enjoy the ending of this constant rumor mill just as much. If you haven't gathered my verdict from this paragraph, it is my full belief that Chris Jericho will return on January 2nd, 2012.

Though it has become pretty clear at this point who is returning, I still commend Jericho for making such an attempt to keep it a secret. Jericho has even gone as far as telling the IWC that he is done with WWE, on more than one occasion. For people that have been following Jericho's career, they know these comments are unlike Y2J, as he has expressed his utmost love for the company many times online and in his two books. These comments are merely attempts to throw us off, and preserve the secret of his return, thank you Chris for attempting to do something so difficult in this day and age.

So many things have pointed to Jericho's return, none more poignant than the reports that he will be in Memphis from January 1st to January 3rd, the location of the revealing RAW. The notebook in a recent cryptic video appeared to say "Chris" on the cover, and many things in this weeks video appear to be signs of the third coming of Jericho. As a Jerichoholic, I am very excited to see my favorite Superstar return, but in the larger scheme of things, this past month of clamoring and chatting has been pointless.