4 Reasons Fantasy Basketball Is More Fun Than Fantasy Football

Bob Bajek@bobbajekAnalyst IIIDecember 28, 2011

4 Reasons Fantasy Basketball Is More Fun Than Fantasy Football

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    With the NBA in full swing, fantasy basketball leagues are beginning to pop up.

    People are a bit more familiar with fantasy football, but many don't know that fantasy basketball is a really fun thing to get into, as you own players like LeBron James and Dwyane Wade to beat your buddies for bragging rights or a possible cash prize.

    Here are four reasons why fantasy basketball sacks fantasy football.

Fantasy Basketball Is More Challenging

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    Fantasy basketball is a longer season with more roster adjustments to make than football.

    The NFL has 16 regular season games as opposed to the NBA's 82.

    An NBA week consists of multiple games every day that affect your standings, while the NFL is once a week.

    A fantasy basketball owner has to be more involved than a fantasy football owner in order to have an edge over his or her opponents.

    If you're looking for a more challenging experience with constant roster moves, fantasy basketball will tickle your fancy.

Fantasy Basketball Places More Importance on Starters

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    In a standard fantasy basketball league, a roster consists of 13 players with 10 being starters.

    Conversely, with fantasy football, a roster will have 16 players and nine starters.

    Fantasy basketball has a higher reliance on its bench, with three reserves to fantasy football's seven.

    Picking who one's starters are is crucial for the fantasy basketball general manager, as these players will make or break a roster.

Fantasy Basketball Players Can More Directly Affect a Game

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    Basketball is a more versatile and fluid sport than football, so the real players affect the fantasy points more than football players. 

    An NBA player has to play both offense and defense in a matter of seconds. While Kevin Durant is not known for his defense, he could get steals and blocks to add to his offensive totals. A good defensive game by Durant could notch a fantasy owner a key win that night.

    In football, players are either defensive or offensive. They can affect just one aspect of the game.

    Plus, the star players have the ball in their hands more because there are less teammates on the court, as opposed to 11 on the football field. A star player can rely more on himself if he has to, which NFL players cannot do.

    This fluidity and opportunism in basketball can rack up ridiculous points for your fantasy team while adding a nice element of unpredictability.

Fantasy Basketball Trash Talking Is More Fun

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    While trash-talking is big in football and all sports, basketball is where the concept is necessary to the culture.

    Whether it's rubbing it in to your friends that you blocked their booty or just broke their ankles, the sport's fluidity and one-on-one play increases the opportunities to talk trash.

    In the NBA, trash-talking is king, as Josh Smith doesn't shut up and Kevin Garnett is the reigning king of "yo mama" remarks.

    With fantasy basketball, players can link up to the Internet and trash-talk each other during a game as it is playing out. And, you could do this every day during the fantasy season, as games are always going on.

    Fantasy football players can talk trash as well, but not as frequently as fantasy ballers.