John Cena vs. Kane Needs to Be Pushed Harder as a WWE Main Event Feud

Travis SmithAnalyst IIDecember 28, 2011

John Cena looks to be stuck in a situation right at this very moment because it is indeed too late into the WWE season for him to make another run at the WWE title. He also seems to be in a slight misunderstanding with the WWE universe. Now Kane seems to be a guy that is being pushed to feud with Cena all the way up to the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, but in order to get Cena over with the older fans and maybe get some momentum heading into WrestleMania, I feel that the WWE needs to push Cena's feud a little bit harder than they are right now.

Kane is no young guy and his in-ring career is in its final stages, so to have him just wasting time on a two week mini-feud with a top babyface is just silly and bad management by the WWE. If the WWE is going to make a slight change to Cena's character or to make Cena seem ready to face The Rock at WrestleMania, then they need to push this feud as a main-event attraction. Kane is a top star in the company that has put over talent in many occasions so to put over Cena in a top feud would indeed be smart in my opinion.

I like how the WWE has been pointing out that the fans aren't exactly behind Cena each and every week because it brings that realisium to the product, and it also allows more crowd interaction with Cena. I felt that Kane's promo Monday night was extremely long winded, but it was very effective as he got the hot Chicago crowd to turn agianst Cena.

Kane pointed out a key fact Monday night—Cena needs to embrace the hate from the WWE universe and not overcome it. This is a key signal of this feud because I feel that maybe we could be witnessing a change in the wind for Mr. Cena and his upcoming WrestleMania match with The Rock. If the WWE pushes this feud harder and has Kane continue to point out Cena's flaws, we could maybe see a John Cena heel turn in the end.

Now I know that turning Cena heel may be a crazy idea to some, but just think about this key fact for a second: CM Punk right now is the top selling superstar for gear and t-shirts. The guy behind him is not John Cena or The Rock, it is Randy Orton. So with Cena not being the money maker babyface of the WWE, it is perfect timing to some to take a chance and turn Cena heel. The feud with Kane could do that if the WWE continues to have Kane turn the fans against Cena each and every week.

If I were the guy booking the feud, I would have Cena and Kane continue to verbally attack each other until the Royal Rumble, then I would have their match at the Rumble end in a DQ in order to allow a highly anticipated rematch at Elimination Chamber with an extreme rules stipulation. Then at that event, have Cena defeat Kane in a lengthy war with the monster before having him tell the WWE Universe to kiss his ass. This would not only make Cena the heel before WrestleMania, it would also allow Kane to become a top talent before WrestleMania and it would be a feud that the fans would get excited over.

Now this Kane versus Cena feud right now seems to be in its beginning stages, but we need to see this feud be pushed to the next level in order to be deemed a success. Sure John Cena is a top star but if he were to have an awesome feud with a main-eventer and then turn heel on the fans, it would be the springboard for heel Cena's metamorphosis. I hope the WWE makes this feud the main attraction and really takes a chance on allowing the fans to determine if it is indeed time to turn Cena into the top heel of the company.


Now if you have any comments on the feud, potential heel turn or anything about Kane or John Cena, then please leave your comment below in the comment box. Just remember that the only bad comment is having no comment at all.