Washington Redskins: Life Without Baylor's Robert Griffin III

Sam CatronContributor IIIDecember 29, 2011

Washington Redskins: Life Without Baylor's Robert Griffin III

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    Hopefully, Robert Griffin III will decide to leave Baylor.

    Coupled with that, hopefully RG3 becomes a Redskin.

    Saying that, there is a large chance that RG3 could end up in another city next year.  Griffin is a stud quarterback who could start for a large group of NFL teams right now.  Griffin is probably better than McCoy, Gabbert, Ponder, Kolb and maybe Matt Moore.  Even though it's unlikely that a few of those teams will take Griffin, it's always possible.

    If something happens and RG3 is unavailable, the Redskins can't just fold up the tent and leave town.

    There's no doubt that the Redskins will get a QB by the time the 2012 NFL Draft is over, so here are a few scenarios that could be life after RG3.

    In all scenarios, the Redskins draft seventh overall.

Acquire a QB Before the Draft

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    Before the draft, the Redskins will have chances to get a QB.  Below are some QB's that will be available after the 2011 season:

    Drew Brees
    Jason Campbell
    Dennis Dixon
    Matt Flynn
    David Garrard
    Kyle Orton
    Alex Smith
    Joe Webb (trade)

    The upside to signing a QB who is already on another team's roster is that the QB is familiar with the NFL grind.  Some of the quarterbacks might not have a bunch of playing experience, but they are better than rookies.

    I know that Drew Brees is practically off limits, but he is a free agent (cross your fingers).

    Matt Flynn is the favorite, in my eyes, because he's sitting behind one of the best in the game and he has a great QB coach in Tom Clements.

    Joe Webb is an outside shot because he's shown that he can move the football in Minnesota, which is hard to do.

Secure a QB Through the Draft

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    This scenario is the most obvious one.

    All Redskins fans will agree that Washington must secure a QB before the end of the 2012 NFL Draft.

    In this scenario, Washington will use their first round selection on the best QB available.

    1st Round Pick: Landry Jones, Oklahoma

    Landry Jones has fallen, but nobody remembers that he lost one of the best receivers in college football history in Ryan Broyles mid-year.

    Jones is a very accurate passer with an above-average arm. Jones is mobile enough to run play action in Shanahan's system and has a quiet leadership style.  This would be a reach, but Landry Jones is the best available QB here.

Best Available Approach

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    The 2010 Cincinnati Bengals won only four games and faced the dilemma that the Redskins face this year.  They needed a top receiver and a quarterback.  Instead of reaching for a QB, they took what I call the "Best Available Approach."

    In the 2011 NFL Draft, they chose WR A.J. Green with the fourth pick and QB Andy Dalton with the 35th pick.

    This scenario doesn't involve any trades, saving the Redskins from trading away picks.

    In this scenario, Washington would choose the best WR available in the first round and the best available QB in the second round.

    1st Round Pick: Alshon Jeffery, South Carolina
    2nd Round Pick: Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M

    Alshon Jeffery instantly becomes the No. 1 receiver that Washington needs. With his size and jumping ability, Jeffery will demand double coverage, allowing Santana Moss and other Redskin receivers a chance to beat coverage.

    Ryan Tannehill is a brilliant young man with an NFL arm and the mobility that Mike Shanahan likes.  He is a mainstay on the Big-12 All-Academic team and converted to receiver when he was beaten in a QB battle his redshirt-freshman year. Tannehill is a team player who will compete at any level.

Trade Down Approach

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    Shanahan could follow last year's draft approach and trade down to gain extra draft picks. 

    Washington would trade down and out of the top 10, netting the Redskins a second round choice for someone who was desperate for a top 10 player, like the Browns did in 2011.

    1st Round Pick: Landry Jones, Oklahoma (Pick #12-14)
    2nd Round Pick: Mohamed Sanu, Rutgers
    2nd Round Pick: Best Available LB/OL (Dependent on current LB/OL status)

    Mohamed Sanu has a lot of potential and a big upside. With an NFL QB throwing to his 6'2" frame, he will grow as a receiver into a future No. 1. He has never gotten the credit he deserves because he has suffered through mediocre QB play at Rutgers.

    The free agent market could be very unkind to the Redskins after this season. Washington has several OL and LB on the free agent list and might have to add a rookie to make an immediate impact.