5 NFL Teams That Just Wouldn't Make Sense for Bill Cowher

John RozumCorrespondent IDecember 28, 2011

5 NFL Teams That Just Wouldn't Make Sense for Bill Cowher

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    Make no mistake about it, if Bill Cowher decides to coach again wherever he went would be getting a Hall of Fame head coach.

    That being said, not every situation is a fit for Cowher and not every team on the fritz really needs a new head coach. So, in spite of whatever has swirled around here are five teams that don't need or would not be a good fit for Bill Cowher.

Miami Dolpins

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    It's just not nearly as attractive of a position as the San Diego Chargers, Kansas City Chiefs or Jacksonville Jaguars.

    Namely because Cowher would want more power as he's a lot more proven than anyone in the Miami front office, and although Matt Moore has improved, the question would be if Cowher wants to start over to develop another QB.

    And based on how the Dolphins began the season, it's clear there's still a lot of work to do despite their late season record of 5-3. Miami most definitely needs a new head coach, but they need someone who's ready to take that next step as a head coach.

    They're a rather young team that would improve with Cowher, but could do more with a coach on their level. To some extent, it's psychological with Cowher at the helm and with all that power, we've seen future Hall of Famers (such as Mike Holmgren in Cleveland) fail at it.

    Miami may want Cowher, but there's more appealing situations out there.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    Tampa Bay simply underachieved this season.

    Head coach Raheem Morris deserves another year with such a young team because they can improve significantly through the draft.

    After going 10-6 a year ago and then out to a solid 4-2 start which included wins over New Orleans and Atlanta, the Buccaneers just hit a slump and never got out of it. That's something they will improve upon in 2012 and despite so much youth there is definitely talent on the roster.

    Cowher would obviously be a good fit for them however, they're not a good fit for him. If there's anything we've learned from so many quick coaching changes, it's that there's no more patience in the NFL.

    Now, there are the exceptions like Josh McDaniels in Denver but Morris got Tampa Bay to play above their potential in 2010. Proven that, with a solid start in 2011 this team can get better under Morris.

    If the Buccaneers bring in Cowher it's just starting all over again and with a young team it's hard enough to build chemistry together when the coaches keep changing. It'd be a different story if they were all veterans that could easily adapt to a new coach.

    Morris deserves at least one more year in Tampa Bay, because it's how they respond in 2012 that will determine his future.

St. Louis Rams

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    Last season Steve Spagnuolo got the St. Louis Rams within one game of the playoffs and then thanks to a barrage of injuries and lack of underachieving talent, St. Louis quickly fell of the grid in 2011.

    Thing is, with Sam Bradford at QB and Steven Jackson at RB there is decent talent in St. Louis. As long as they draft a stud WR like Justin Blackmon this spring, the Rams offense will significantly improve. And if there's anything we've learned about Josh McDaniels, it's that's he's a great offensive coordinator but not head coach.

    Replacing Spagnuolo with Bill Cowher now isn't the worst of ideas, but it's only been three seasons. From Cowher's perspective, there's no reason to get back into coaching through arguably the NFL's worst team.

    Having already been there and done that with Pittsburgh in the late 1990s, it's not the most appealing situation for Cowher. Simply too much work with not enough established talent to build with. Which is why the Rams either need to keep Spagnuolo on for one more year or go elsewhere than Cowher.

    Spagnuolo went from 1-15 in 2009 to 7-9 in 2010, so he's proven St. Louis can make a turnaround. With a lot of solid defensive depth and talent in the draft, he can definitely make improvements this offseason.

    Then again, being that the Rams will finish 2-14 there's really nowhere else to go but up.

Philadelphia Eagles

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    It's not so much about the Eagles needing Bill Cowher as it is about Philadelphia not getting healthy and into a rhythm until late.

    Also, it seems like coach Andy Reid has been on the hot-seat for like five years already and if Bill Cowher comes to Philadelphia, the standards and expectations will be exactly like 2011. In turn, Philly will get everyone's A-game and it would increase the odds of another disappointing season.

    Being that the Eagles are on a three-game win streak, have a Top 10 offense, a solid pass rush and strong pass defense, it's not the talent that's an issue. It's simply lack of performance.

    Next season the Eagles will definitely have this year to use as motivation and the offseason to build chemistry, not to mention the lockout worked against them. No matter how individually talented a team is, there must be time given to get acclimated together.

    This season and the upcoming offseason will act as that for coach Andy Reid and all the new talent they acquired in the summer of 2011. Bringing in Bill Cowher would restart that coach-to-player chemistry and although he'd have their respect from the start, it's not an ideal situation for both.

    We tend to look at numbers on the forefront too much, and invariables as well as intangibles go vastly underrated. Give Andy Reid one more season in Philadelphia since the Eagles have the time to build a team this offseason.

    And if they fail in 2012, then it's time to make a change.

Indianapolis Colts

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    The reason why the Indianapolis Colts fell of the map this season is because they had no QB to lead them.

    Peyton Manning kept Indy together and made a lot of their now established WRs a solid NFL target. Their offensive line isn't bad as they've allowed just 32 sacks this season (rank No. 13) which is better than San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Green Bay and Detroit.

    The defensive pass rush is not horrible with Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, plus LB Pat Angerer is one of the rising defensive stars in the league. What the Colts simply need is a QB, not a new head coach.

    Bill Cowher would be an upgrade from Jim Caldwell no question, but it's not being fair to Caldwell if he doesn't get the opportunity to develop a young QB along with Peyton Manning. Regardless of whether Manning plays in 2012 is irrelevant on some level.

    Indy needs to draft Andrew Luck and he'll have both Manning and Caldwell to help him transition into the pros. 2012 will then be Caldwell's deal-breaker as to whether he can build a team. Once he's provided that opportunity then the results will speak for themselves.

    Cowher needs to go somewhere that's not in a complete rebuilding stage as well as give him the authority of total control.


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