WWE: Why Has Mark Henry Been Spared From Kane's Wrath?

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIDecember 29, 2011

Kane finally made his intentions known this past Monday Night RAW on why he attacked John Cena.  He returned to the past by not only wearing a mask but by also focusing on the idea that hate sets you free and that it should be embraced.

It fits perfectly with his masked character as Kane has always come off as a hateful being.  So if Kane is a creature full of hate, why didn't he attack Mark Henry when he has had multiple chances?

He is a being full of hate and who could he hate more than the man who crippled him and took him out of the WWE for a few months?

At one point he was outside the ring, staring at Mark Henry.  He had the chance to damage the man who hurt him and nearly crippled him to the point of ending his career, but he didn't.

There could be different reasons for why that happened.  It'll be interesting to see what WWE creative chooses to pick, but they run the gambit.  

Kane could not care about Henry anymore given his return to his old self.

He could believe that Henry is full of hate already and doesn't need to be attacked.  As long as Henry is spreading hate in the WWE, he doesn't need to be dealt with immediately.

Or there is one last solution which is the most interesting.  He might actually thank Henry for harming him and making Kane remember who he is.

It would be interesting to see Kane who has returned as the juggernaut he once was not only refrain from harming Henry, but actually thank Henry for taking him out of action.

Of course, he might just be biding his time as well.  Kane was taken out for a few months and his persona can be one filled with patience when it's needed.  He might just be biding his time for when he attacks.

After all, if Kane is a being of hate, then there is almost no reason to attack Henry now.  He has no belt and he is injured and at any wrestler's mercy.  Kane might be waiting for him to get healthy and back into the title mix.

If Henry heals and starts to make a comeback in the main event scene with a shot at the title, then he will start to do the same thing that all humans do when they begin succeeding.

He will start to hope.

Nothing is worse than robbing another human being of their hopes and dreams.  It is the most crushing thing that can be done to anyone and if Kane truly does hate Henry, he will wait until he is healthy.  That way he will not only have crushed Henry at his peak, but broken his dreams of being heavyweight champion again.

It is the most devastating way to break a man and it may just be what Kane is waiting for.