2012 NFL Draft: 5 Reasons Why Seattle Must Trade Up for a Quarterback

Micah Chen@thechensterAnalyst IIIDecember 28, 2011

2012 NFL Draft: 5 Reasons Why Seattle Must Trade Up for a Quarterback

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    The Seattle Seahawks are slowly on the rise. 

    After starting the season a miserable 2-6, the Seahawks have rebounded by winning five of their last seven games.  Those two losses were against the Redskins and 49ers and were decided by an average of just four points.  Both were winnable games.

    This roster is loaded with talent on both sides of the ball.  On offense, you have a superstar-caliber running back (if he isn't already) in Marshawn Lynch, a rising offensive line, and a good, young core of receivers.

    The defense has really stepped up over the last half of this season.  This unit is undoubtedly the strength of this team.  Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, Red Bryant, Chris Clemons, Browner and Thurmond at corners.  You can't help but be excited about this group.

    The Seahawks are one piece of the puzzle away from being a serious contender. 

    And no, that puzzle piece isn't Tarvaris Jackson.

Tavaris Jackson Isn't the Answer

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    Tarvaris Jackson has done a good job holding down the fort this year, but we have to be realistic here.

    Jackson is a quarterback that is capable of being a decent starter, but he is not capable of leading a dynasty.

    Jackson will NOT lead this team to the Super Bowl.  And if you don't have that kind of faith in your quarterback, you have to move on.

    Sure, he may be able to sneak into the playoffs next year, maybe pull an upset win in the wild card.  But long term, nobody believes Tarvaris is capable of making the Seahawks serious Super bowl contenders for a string of years.

    You need to have that faith in the quarterback. Except for Pete Carroll, nobody trust Jackson long term, and I think that deep down Pete doesn't either. 

Make a Statement

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    The Seahawks have developed a reputation as one of the most irrelevant franchises in the NFL.

    They hardly ever play in primetime, they've never won a Super Bowl, they don't have an identity.

    As a Seahawk fan, we have the same mindset every year:  Hey, let's win nine or 10 games then get eliminated in the divisional round and call it a good year.

    It's time to get over that hump.

    A lot of you guys will complain that it is simply too risky to give up so much for a franchise quarterback.  Well, if you don't take risks then we're just going to win a maximum of 10 games and never get past the divisional round.

Give Seahawk Fans a Reason to Be Excited

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    The 12th man is a proud fanbase.  They will root for this team through thick and thin and will always be loud and rowdy.

    But you can't argue that the Seahawks fanbase has slowly become restless since the heydays of 2005 when the Seahawks were 13-3 and an elite team.

    CenturyLink Field would regularly come close to 70,000 fans in attendance, now they're barely making 66,000.  True, the economy hasn't been that great, but if the team is winning, fans will show up.

    Again, it's not as though the fanbase has completely lost interest in the team, but another mediocre season, and the 12th man might not be making as much as noise as the Seahawks are used to.

    Drafting an exciting new quarterback would put a spark into the 12th man that has been desperately needed these past few seasons.

The Missing Puzzle Piece

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    As I stated in the opening slide, this team is rock solid everywhere you look.  Even the special teams is looking great with Jon Ryan and Steven Hauschka.

    A franchise quarterback would slide in perfectly on this team.

    He doesn't even need to throw that much.  The Seahawks are first and foremost a running football team, this is still going to be the Marshawn Lynch show.

    All this offense really needs is a quarterback that will keep the defense honest with accurate short to medium throws here and there.  It reminds me a lot of the days of Shaun Alexander and Matt Hasselbeck.

    Was Matt Hasselbeck an elite NFL quarterback?  No not really, he wasn't on the levels of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

    But he didn't have to be.

    Unfortunately, Tarvaris Jackson won't be keeping defenses honest much longer.  While he has had a decent season this year, it is highly unlikely he can keep this up.

The Time To Win Is Now

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    It's time to stop being conservative.  Being conservative has and will continue to hold this team back, the Seahawks need to show their aggressive side.

    It doesn't even have to be the draft, it could be done through free agency, or via trade.

    Do whatever it takes as long as it doesn't completely tear up the defensive foundation that Pete Carroll has created.  Don't wait until 2013 to make something happen, make a statement now.


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    I don't care if Seattle has to trade their entire 2012 NFL draft for a top-five overall pick.  They have needs that must be addressed immediately.

    This defensive unit and offensive line will gel over time, so there's no need to overhaul either of these teams.

    The Colts will likely have the first overall pick of next year's draft.  I know it sounds crazy, but the Seahawks need to say, "To hell with it, we're going to get this Andrew Luck kid and we don't care how many draft picks we need to trade to get him."

    And Andrew Luck will be the face of the franchise for the next decade.

    Is this wishful thinking?  Yes.  Realistic thinking?  Maybe not. 

    So what would you, the 12th man, like to see?  Would you like to see the Seahawks play it safe and see how Tarvaris Jackson plays out, or would you them to set their hair on fire and try to get a top-five overall pick so they can pick up a franchise QB?