5 Least Valuable Green Bay Packers in 2011

Michael DulkaContributor IDecember 28, 2011

5 Least Valuable Green Bay Packers in 2011

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    The Green Bay Packers have locked up the best record in the NFL for the 2011 season and currently have the favorite for MVP in Aaron Rodgers. Just like every team, the Packers certainly have some weaknesses in personnel with certain players having less values. 

    On the best team in the league that possess seven Pro Bowlers, it's hard to find many spots on the Packers roster that offer little value. If it isn't having an impact on offense or defense, players justify their roster spot on special teams. 

    For a great variety of reasons, there are some players on the 2011 Packers that hold the honors of being the least valuable. 

Howard Green

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    The Packers have struggled to get pressure up front on the defensive line all season and recently have struggled to stop the run.

    One factor of the inability to do this has been the recent failure of Howard Green. 

    Green has gotten extended playing time because of Ryan Pickett's concussion. In this playing time, Green has failed to get anywhere near the quarterback and has been a big piece in the Packers' recent negative performance against the run. 

    While not many players on the Packers roster have made a big splash on the defensive line, Green has struggled to get playing time and failed to make an impact when he has received playing time. 

Herb Taylor

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    It's hard to prove valuable after being signed only a week.

    This is the case for the newest player on the Packers, Herb Taylor. Signed as a result of the horrific injury to Derek Sherrod, Taylor was signed by the short-handed Packers on Dec. 20th. 

    At this point in the season, with Ray Dominguez still ahead of him on the depth chart, it would be a drastic turn of events if the Packers had to rely on Taylor for an extended period of time this season. 

Mike Neal

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    There were big expectations for Mike Neal entering the 2011 season.

    He has hardly lived up to half those expectations following a preseason injury and pedestrian play upon his return. Since returning against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Neal has struggled to record just three tackles.

    With Cullen Jenkins out, the Packers needed a player to replicate Jenkins's success in 2010 in order to get pressure on the quarterback. The inability to stay healthy and Neal's new-found invisibility cloak on the field have put him on this list.

    Whether it's a matter of Neal not being fully healthy or not remains to be seen and may not be discovered until the next offseason.  

Ray Dominguez

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    Another victim of circumstance, Ray Dominguez has been given no chance to prove his value to the 2011 Packers as he hasn't seen the field.

    Following the injury to Chad Clifton, Dominguez was promoted to the 53-man roster as he took Nick Collins roster spot. 

    Dominguez' value immediately went up following the injury to Derek Sherrod and could see playing time if the Packers lose another lineman before Chad Clifton is able to return from his back injury.

    Dominguez is more valuable than Herb Taylor as he has been in the system for a while. 

Erik Walden

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    Of the Packers starters, Erik Walden has been the least valuable. The Packers inability to get to the quarterback has been in part because of Walden.

    He has struggled to win one-on-one matchups and has been atrocious in the run game.

    After having a good game on Thanksgiving Day, Walden has really struggled recently and has seen his playing time diminish due to poor performance, even being benched late against the Chiefs.

    In the upcoming offseason, the Packers will need to upgrade Walden's position as a threat at outside linebacker opposite Clay Matthews would improve the defense all around.