10 Things I Love/Hate About WWE Right Now

Michael BroughtonAnalyst IDecember 28, 2011

10 Things I Love/Hate About WWE Right Now

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    Right now, there are numerous problems with WWE. They have issues and the fans have voiced their complaints on numerous occasions. I agree completely.

    However, along with the bad, there is always good. WWE continues to succeed and grow as a global empire. It is arguably the most successful product out there. The money-loving Vince McMahon blessed us all with greatness.

    Like I said, here in 2011, there are many wishes I have these holidays for WWE. Some can't be controlled, but others can. Some problems can simply be fixed with one small tweak. Others can possibly change the face of WWE.

    However, WWE is still an amazing product. I am happy to tune in every night and when the show comes to an end, I usually am satisfied. There are, of course, times when I am upset with decisions, but for the most part, WWE continues to be a money-making product.

Hate: The Last-Minute Changes

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    Remember this guy. Yeah, Brodus Clay was scheduled to debut weeks ago....and then the week after that... and then the week after that....and then the week after that.... Hopefully when John Laurinaitis says he is debuting next Monday, he means it.

    What about Jonah Hill guest hosting WWE? That was forgotten about also. WWE continues to tell us lies and excite us for no reason. I understand at times there is just not enough time, but it happens week in and week out. 

    Most fans have already voiced their opinion on this, and I agree with all of them. If WWE continues to fall through with their plans, we are going to stop caring.

Love: The Vignettes/Promos

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    The first set of vignettes came for the return of Undertaker way back in February. Before it became obvious that Undertaker was the man behind it, it was actually fun contemplating whether the vignettes were for the return of Taker or the debut of Sting.

    Around Survivor Series, two more sets of vignettes began showing up. One was for a return of the masked version of Kane. It really got me excited for his return and when he came out three weeks ago on Raw, I went crazy.

    The other set of vignettes have been far more mysterious. They are promoting a return on Raw next week. Many have predicted the return of Chris Jericho as most clues have pointed towards it, but others think it could be Undertaker, or even Shane-o-Mac.

    Regardless of who is behind the vignettes, they all have been exciting and have kept the fans interested. Even the Brodus Clay promos were great until Clay failed to show up, and Kharma's vignettes were awesome too.

    If WWE continues to do this for years to come, it will become a great trademark in WWE. However, if they overuse this idea, it will become insignificant and stale.  

Love: Returning Superstars

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    This year has been the year of returns. We saw Kevin Nash and Booker T return at the Royal Rumble. We saw The Rock, Stone Cold, and Trish Stratus all be a part of WrestleMania 28.

    It was somewhat shocking, but fun and exciting to see these legends back in action. I was there to witness the Rock's match at Survivor Series and it was a moment that will be never be matched.

    The returns also helps to interest the fans from the Attitude Era. Though it can't be relied on forever, The Rock and Steve Austin are loved by older fans, who will always tune in when Raw gets "Rocked." They changed the landscape in WWE and their impact is still felt in WWE.

    For the most part, the wrestlers have been pretty impressive in their matches. The Rock was shockingly great and showed no ring rust (possibly even better) and Kevin Nash was certainly imperfect, but surprised many with his okay match against Triple H.  

Hate: John Cena as a Face

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    For what seems like forever, the WWE Universe has begged for John Cena to turn heel. The fans no longer go crazy when his theme song goes off. Instead, chants of "Cena Sucks" begin.

    This has happened time and time again. Recently, WWE has hinted at a heel turn, and hopefully Vince McMahon is not just teasing all of us.

    Cena used to be fun and enjoyable. His rapping gimmick made me laugh every time he grabbed a mic. At first, I didn't even mind his Super Cena gimmick. However, it has now become stale and boring to watch. The fans no longer adore Cena, and they aren't afraid to show it.

    I know it is said over and over, but it's true. John Cena as a face just doesn't cut it. He needs to ditch "Hustle Loyalty Respect," and head towards a new heel persona. 

Love: Champions Who Know How to Wrestle

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    A few years ago, The Great Khali won the World Heavyweight Championship. You are not reading that wrong. Vince McMahon's love for big men got to his head and he decided to put the title around Khali's waist.

    The Great Khali is thankfully no longer part of WWE, as he was possibly the worst wrestler on the roster for his entire career. However, it can't be erased from the record books. At one time, The Great Khali held the World Title.

    Fast forward to present day, Daniel Bryan is holding the title with CM Punk as WWE Champion. Both men are not muscular giants. They aren't 7 feet tall or 300 pounds. They are simply wrestlers.

    They go down to the ring each week, and put on a show. They don't just go into the ring and flex their muscles. They do their job the right way. Both men earned everything they have and now find themselves on top of the company. 

Hate: Untimely Injuries

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    Both Christian and Mark Henry won their first major titles this year. Both men have been working hard for over a decade and were rewards with title reigns and some time in the main event.

    Although Christian's first reign lasted two days, he spent the majority of the summer in arguably the feud of the year with Randy Orton.

    However, both men were cursed with untimely injuries. Earlier this year, Christian seriously hurt his ankle, stopping him from competing at Survivor Series. For the first time, Christian was receiving a huge push and it came crashing to an end with his injury. 

    Mark Henry also suffered an injury. The world's strongest man took the WWE by storm a few months ago, with two monster wins over Randy Orton.

    As of recent, he has seemed cowardly, but it didn't look like he was losing his title any time soon. Then, the injury bug hit him and ended his reign. He got a quick loss at TLC and his monstrous run had finished as quickly as it had started.

Love: Heel/Face Turns

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    One thing WWE definitely seems to be getting right is there choice of heel/face turns. WWE saw the likes of Sheamus and CM Punk turn face, while R-Truth, Christian, and Mark Henry went to the dark side. All of these men did better in their new roles and received serious pushes. 

    Before their heel turns, R-Truth and Mark Henry were lost in the shuffle. The were nothing more than jobbers.

    However, both men adjusted to their new roles perfectly and made an impact. They main-evented pay-per-views and were in championship matches. Last year, these men fought to stay on television. Now, they are important.

    CM Punk's famous face turn came by his own choice, as his shoot promo back in June earned him the love and respect from the WWE Universe that he deserved. He worked his tail off every night, and his face turn helped him receive the push that he certainly earned. 

Hate: Low Ratings

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    Recently, Raw has been going through a bad trend involving the rating. Raw continues to lose viewers during the second hour of the show. The ratings this year have been as low as ever. If this isn't resolved quickly, Vince McMahon may have an issue at hand.

    Many fans blame CM Punk for the drop in ratings, because he is supposed to be leading Raw as the champion. However, I tend to blame to low ratings on lack of competition. CM Punk is great on the mic and in the ring. The issue is, he doesn't have any big rivalry at the moment.

    He is coming out of a lackluster feud with Alberto Del Rio and seems to be entering one with The Miz or Dolph Ziggler. Del Rio started off hot in WWE, but his title reign caused his stock to fall, and WWE has already stated they don't think Miz can cut it as a top heel.

    If Cena turns heel, or the return of Y2J is before us, the ratings may change for the better. However, if WWE continue to move on without a top heel, they are certainly in for some trouble. 

Hate: PG Rating

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    Years ago, the Rock threatened to whoop your candy ass and Stone Cold Steve Austin flipped you the bird. Now, John Cena waves his hand in front of his face and The Miz calls himself awesome. It just isn't the same anymore. While Vince McMahon wants his product to appeal to kids, it isn't the same for the older fans.

    Now, at time I can deal with PG wrestling. I still get to watch great matches and stellar moves. However, Vince McMahon continues to put on gimmick matches that aren't interesting without the blood and violence before the PG era.

    If WWE wants to succeed in PG, they have to get rid of matches like Hell in a Cell.  

Hate: Disappointment of New Superstars

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    This year has also been a year of major disappointments. Both Kharma and Sin Cara had been hyped up to be the next big thing and neither panned out. While Kharma suffered from an untimely pregnancy, she still lost all momentum and was forced to hold off from what seemed like a huge reign of terror through WWE.

    When Sin Cara signed with WWE, we all thought he was the next Rey Mysterio. Then we saw him in the ring. He botched the simplest of moves and couldn't pull off a good match. His match against the other Sin Cara at Hell in a Cell was flat out terrible.

    As if that wasn't bad enough, Sin Cara got himself injured at Survivor Series when he botched a move during the match. He will be out for months and it may just be a blessing in disguise, as we finally get a break from the failed run in WWE by the once-promising Sin Cara.

    Kharma was a whole different story. She first appeared in WWE with vignettes showing her as a dark and crazy monster. Week after week, she took out each and every diva, and looked to be headed towards the Diva's Title Reign, but was halted by pregnancy.

    She was then forced to talk to the WWE Universe, which made her seem a lot less monstrous, and she has yet to return.