CVC: Why CM Punk vs. Samoa Joe II Is the Greatest Match Ever

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIDecember 28, 2011

Once or twice in every millennium, there is an epic bout that occurs in the wrestling world. The wrestling gods gift very few humans with the attributes that enable them to perform marvelous matches.

They are also provided with the fortitude to achieve greatness that would stun the eyes of us mere mortals. It's rare for a match to reach such a level that there is more of a chance of seeing Big Foot then seeing this, the match of all matches.

The particular match that I have in mind is one that did not occur during the era where wrestling was split into territories. The match did not occur during the age when Hulkamania ran wild or the age when certain men with attitude drank a beer before giving a stunner. 

The greatest match to ever be seen, heard and marveled did not involve competitors from a major wrestling organization. A little independent promotion that goes by the name Ring of Honor was where the match grew wings and flew to legendary proportions.

Let's journey back to the year 2004 and to the iconic city of Chicago. Two men stand in opposite corners of the ring where they'll commence a battle for the ages. On one end you have a man whose blood flows with Samoan heritage. A man who was ROH Champion and held that title for twenty-one months.

In the opposing corner was the challenger whose blood is not contaminated with alcohol or drugs. A man who would drop pipe bombs for ages to come.  He's Chicago's very own The Second City Saint, I must add. 

One is the The Samoan Submission Machine while the other is the straight-edge messiah. An epic match that could not be foreseen and one that's tougher than the Himalayas. The match is known as CM Punk vs Samoa Joe II. 




This match is the second of a trilogy of matches between the two men; it is the best one out of the three as it was rated five stars by Meltzer. At the time, both men were only in their mid-twenties but already they had the skills that took veteran in-ring generals, such as Shawn Micheals and The Undertaker, years of ring time to obtain.

The match told a simplistic story of two men who hold the highest amount of respect for each other but just want to prove that they are better than the other. Their first match came to a sixty minutes draw as well as Punk vs. Joe II. It wasn't until their third match-up was it determined that Joe was the better man. 

The match always kept a quick pace while at the same time having a solid ground game without eroding the pacing of the match. There were submission moves, technical moves, high flying spots and well, basically a good balance, a bit of everything for everyone.  It was a pure and beautiful match. 

Both men pulled all their tricks, ingenious abilities and utilized all their creative juices to somehow get the win! Both came close but neither could seal the deal as they were literally equally matched. Both were dazzled, amazed and frustrated by their opponent escaping a submission or kicking out at the last possible second.

I've personally seen a lot of epic and amazing matches that spanned so many eras it's very difficult to confidently say with utter conviction that one match is the best ever.  Yet, this match embodied the characteristics of what we'd dream would be the greatest match ever.



It was a hard-hitting, intense match that featured the flavors of moves that every fan would love to see in a match. This match was better than every WrestleMania match ever conceived. My words could never do this this match justice. My descriptions of it would fail to capture the beauty of the match.


Henry Eyring once said:

Let us consider the nature of true greatness in men. The people who can catch hold of men's minds and feelings and inspire them to do things bigger than themselves are the people who are remembered in history....those who stir feelings and imagination and make men struggle toward perfection. 

CM Punk vs. Samoa Joe II caught the imagination of the fans in attendance and of fans who later discovered the match in their own way. It inspired independent stars to strive to the level of competition and skill that both wrestlers were able to achieve in that one match. Their match stirred so many different emotions that other matches could never create.

It is for those reasons why CM Punk vs. Samoa Joe II is the greatest match ever and you must see it to believe it!