1. Arron Afflalo says he will be back for Knicks within a week 'for sure.' 'This road trip coming up'

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  6. Knicks are still hopeful that Arron Afflalo returns during the 2-game road trip this week but there is no definitive date for a return yet.

  7. Derek Fisher says he's hopeful Arron Afflalo will play Wednesday in his 1st game for the #Knicks

  8. Report: Arron Afflalo Cleared for Debut

  9. Afflalo (Hamstring) to Sit Preseason Opener

  10. Anthony Convinced Afflalo to Sign with Knicks

  11. #Knicks star Carmelo Anthony is hopeful Arron Afflalo returns soon https://t.co/oDdk7CJaSx via @theknicksblog

  12. Fisher's hopeful that Arron Afflalo returns during the 2-game road trip: "Chances tomorrow are probably a little slimmer than Wednesday."

  13. The Knicks hoped to get starting SG Arron Afflalo back on this 2-game trip. Still seems likely... https://t.co/dnumlOj6bm

  14. Carmelo Anthony nursing a stiff neck; Arron Afflalo may play Wednesday https://t.co/JUsqVwCtW1 https://t.co/lTY9tSuTq3

  15. Derek Fisher’s gonna try to put Arron Afflalo in the game before this night is over

  16. Also, Derek Fisher responds to Matt Barnes' latest; Arron Afflalo is ready and awaiting word https://t.co/xjpdzNDG1x

  17. Knicks are 3-1 on the road. Arron Afflalo (hamstring) listed as questionable for tonight.

  18. Knicks have activated Arron Afflalo so he will make his Knicks' debut tonight.

  19. Arron Afflalo has been activated by the Knicks. Early has been placed on the inactive list. Afflalo will make his Knicks debut tonight.

  20. Making his #Knicks regular season debut, tonight's @DraftKings Player to Watch is Arron Afflalo! #NYKvsCHA https://t.co/WD6k71svo4

  21. Game Thread: Knicks at Hornets - 11/11/15 (Arron Afflalo's debut) https://t.co/3BT6KhZTu1 https://t.co/cyL4lHJGzt

  22. Arron Afflalo has arrived in Charlotte for his @NBA regular season debut with the #Knicks! #NYKvsCHA https://t.co/qPcDJmTTEc

  23. Arron Afflalo will start for Knicks.

  24. Arron Afflalo, playing his first game for the Knicks, has six quick points.

  25. Arron Afflalo on his #Knicks regular season debut tonight in Charlotte. WATCH https://t.co/lQ8o3Vcnl5 https://t.co/VmoI59VdP6

  26. ICYMI: Arron Afflalo on his #Knicks regular season debut last night in Charlotte. WATCH https://t.co/lQ8o3Vcnl5 https://t.co/95pJwWUCMP

  27. Knicks Rewind: Arron Afflalo shows how he'll unlock parts of Knicks offense https://t.co/yxK7fa4CYO

  28. Knicks Rewind: Arron Afflalo shows in debut he'll unlock parts of Knicks offense https://t.co/yxK7fa4CYO

  29. Arron Afflalo makes his #Knicks debut: https://t.co/WhCVJii17k

  30. Derek Fisher says Arron Afflalo feels fine after his season debut and will start tonight.

  31. Arron Afflalo on @kporzee: "He's amazing, man. He's so talented, so dedicated."

  32. Arron Afflalo speaks to reporters after tonight's win. WATCH https://t.co/eUobkn7PJG https://t.co/2H4j2Vlp8z

  33. Such a spirited night by SG Arron Afflalo. Making a huge impact on this game with 12 points (5-8) and high-energy defense.

  34. The last time the #Magic beat the #Cavs, the Magic started Jameer Nelson, Arron Afflalo, Moe Harkless, Glen Davis & Nik Vucevic.

  35. Justise Winslow Rejects Arron Afflalo (VIDEO) https://t.co/WZ8hq5a3iF https://t.co/7cey2XpV6W