1. Report: Match Ended After 'Pro-Palestinian Protesters' Storm Pitch

    A preseason game between Maccabi Haifa and Lille in Austria was stopped, and eventually ended, in the 85th minute after "pro-Palestinian protesters" stormed the pitch and confronted players, Allon Sinai of The Jerusalem Post reports...

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  2. NaVorro Bowman Opens 49ers Camp on the PUP List

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  3. Chris Johnson Cleared for Full Practice, “flying” During Conditioning Run

    Jets running back Chris Johnson didn't do much during the spring while making his way back from knee surgery, but he said Wednesday that he's ready to work...

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  4. Sonnen é suspenso por 2 anos após julgamento

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  5. Bartolo Colon Loses Perfect Game, No-Hitter with Two Outs in Seventh

    Mets right-hander Bartolo Colon was seven outs away from throwing a perfect game against the Mariners in Seattle on Wednesday. He was bidding to throw the 24th perfect game in MLB history and first since Felix Hernandez in June of 2012...

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  6. Jameis Trying to Fine-Tune Mechanics for 2014

    It's almost impossible for Jamies Winston to improve upon his individual numbers from a season ago. All the Florida State quarterback did was have the best freshman season in college ...

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  7. Prosecutor: Player Killed for IPhone, Wallet

    ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) — A prosecutor says Eastern Michigan University wide receiver Demarius Reed was killed "for an iPhone and a wallet that were never even used...

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  8. Pantilimon Makes Sunderland Debut and Johnson Returns to Action

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  9. July 23: Rays (48-53) @ Cardinals (54-46)

    The Cardinals close out their five-game homestand tonight and need a win in order to ensure it is a winning one. The club has fallen two games behind the Brewers , who finished off a sweep of the Reds today...

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  10. Will Jameer Nelson Complete Dallas Mavericks' Offseason Makeover?

    In his 10 seasons with the Orlando Magic , Jameer Nelson was never considered more than a secondary or tertiary option—a pleasant afterthought to the likes of Dwight Howard ...

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  11. George Hill Did a Bit of Oversharing on Instagram

    Young NBA players, like other celebs, love to share photos about their day to day life. Sometimes it's trekking the Great Wall. Or a food shot. George Hill of the Indiana Pacers , however, is sharing a bit too much...

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  12. Why Houston Rockets Rookie Nick Johnson Will Have a Long Future in the NBA

    The Houston Rockets only had one first-round pick in the 2014 NBA draft, but after snagging Nick Johnson at No. 42, they might as well have had two. A low ceiling likely limited Johnson to just second-round consideration for most teams...

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  13. NFL Training Camps 2014: Previewing Summer's Most Intriguing QB Battles

    No matter how much we've settled into the routine, I doubt July will ever feel like a natural beginning point to our preseason NFL conversation...

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  14. John Cena on the Verge of Becoming WWE's Mr. SummerSlam

    John Cena 's head is set to get heavier, as he will soon wear a new crown— WWE 's Mr. SummerSlam ...

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  15. Smart PSG Move Lands Toulouse's Ivory Coast World Cup Star Serge Aurier

    Shortly after their 2-1 win over Ligue 1 rivals OGC Nice in their friendly clash in Beziers on Wednesday, Paris Saint-Germain announced the signing of ...

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  16. Golden Tate Starts Training Camp on PUP List

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  17. Paul George: 'It Would Be Awesome To Play At Home, But I Love Where I Am'

    Last summer, Paul George was set to become a restricted free agent and Lakers fans were hoping for the All-Star forward to return home...

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  18. Big Ten Network Adding Eric LeGrand And Other Rutgers 'Experts' To On-Air Roster

    With Maryland and Rutgers joining the conference, the Big Ten Network needs to add some on-air talent that know the schools...

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  19. Are Cleveland Cavaliers Giving Up Too Much in Potential Kevin Love Trade?

    Andrew Wiggins' head must be spinning. He's been a part of the NBA for only a matter of weeks, but he's already in the middle of a massive storm that involves LeBron James, ...

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  20. Javier Hernandez Must Force a Move out of Manchester United Before Season

    Javier Hernandez has become nothing more than a sideshow act at Manchester United , and the smart move for his career would be to leave before it is too late...

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  21. NFL Rumors: Training Camp Buzz on Raiders, 49ers and More

    As teams begin filing into training camp, the one thing that makes it all worthwhile is the optimism surrounding all the players and coaches. No one denies this is a long grind, but being able to hold the Lombardi Trophy is the ultimate goal...

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  22. Suggs Would Welcome a More Vocal Flacco

    If Joe Flacco becomes a more vocal leader in 2014, linebacker Terrell Suggs will welcome it. After missing the playoffs last season, Suggs suggested Flacco might have to become more confrontational to set the right tone for next season...

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  23. Vitor Belfort Learns NSAC's Bark Is Worse Than Its Bite, Licensed for UFC 181

    Vitor Belfort may be down to his last strike, but the Nevada State Athletic Commission is still giving him good pitches to hit...

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  24. Nobre confirma que Valdivia ainda é do Palmeiras

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  25. Pac-12 media day: California players dedicate season to Ted Agu

    California players have dedicated the upcoming season to defensive lineman Ted Agu, who died during a workout in February...

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