1. Forging a New Identity for the Minnesota Vikings Sans Adrian Peterson

    Adrian Peterson has been the unassailable face of the Minnesota Vikings during the vast majority of his eight-year NFL career...

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  2. Jonathan Vilma: New Orleans Saints Not Panicking Despite 0-2 Start

    The New Orleans Saints are off to a disappointing 0-2 start. Should Saints fans be panicked? What does New Orleans need to do in order to get itself out of its winless start ...

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  3. Giants Notes: Hard to Envision Pagan, Morse Returning Anytime Soon

    It's sounding more and more like the Giants cannot count on Angel Pagan or Michael Morse returning anytime soon...

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  4. Fitzpatrick Says Texans Must Respect Giants' Defense

    Through two games, the New York Giants ' defense is tied for 28th out of 32 teams in average points allowed (30) and 21st in passing yards (241.5)...

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  5. Iturbe Hands Roma Early Lead over CSKA

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  6. Just How Good Is the Changeup of Marco Gonzales?

    Marco Gonzales, the 19th overall pick of the 2013 MLB Draft, is already making his presence felt at the big league level...

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  7. Cards in Uncharted Waters with Wacha

    The Cardinals are reluctant to commit to a timetable or a role for prized pitcher Michael Wacha's return because they are unsure what to expect at this point from the young righty's recovery...

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  8. Strauss: Cards Still Counting on Lackey

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  9. If Adams Isn't, Who's on First?

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  10. Scouting Report for New WWE NXT Signee Bu Ku Dao

    WWE plucked a sparkplug from the independent circuit, signing Bu Ku Dao to the NXT division. Heart and high-flying will be his key to overcoming his small stature...

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  11. Richt Not Ruling out Chubb vs. Troy

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  12. Scott Brooks Will Tweak His Way to OKC Title or Lose Job Trying

    Back in 2012 ESPN.com's Beckley Mason described Oklahoma City Thunder head coach Scott Brooks as an, "emotional leader," writing that he, " still has a ways to go as an Xs and Os coach...

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  13. Manchester United: What to Expect from United's New Signings After Their Debuts

    Manchester United sent their Premier League rivals a message on Sunday, as they gave Queens Park Rangers an unwelcome reminder of what it used to be like to visit Old Trafford ...

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  14. UGA Athletics Senior Administrator Abruptly Resigns

    Longtime UGA senior administrator Frank Crumley abruptly resigned his position as the Bulldogs' executive associate athletic director on Tuesday.....

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  15. Ivanovic Breaks Through vs. Azarenka in Tokyo

    Ana Ivanovic stalled Victoria Azarenka 's comeback from a foot injury with a 6-3, 6-4 win to make the Pan Pacific Open quarterfinals on Wednesday...

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  16. Ryan: 'Totally Untrue' Holmes Disrupted Jets

    New York Jets coach Rex Ryan on Wednesday disputed the notion that Santonio Holmes was a divisive player in the locker room during his tenure there...

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  17. Should Bulls Extend Butler?

    Grantland did a long piece on intriguing extension candidates with Jimmy Butler appearing in their top six...

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  18. Ihedigbo Struggling to Shake Pinched Nerve; Ansah Sits out Practice

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  19. Legendary Announcer Jim Ross Prepares for MMA Debut

    There probably aren't many sports broadcasting legends who will outright say that one of the items on their bucket list is calling a mixed martial arts event...

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  20. Morse Frustrated with Oblique Injury

    Angel Pagan is getting an MRI. Might be more cortisone in his future. And Morse frustrated at lack of progress with oblique...

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  21. Cousins: I can be as successful as Dalton

    When Kirk Cousins learned the news, he knew it would be good for him. He wasn't sure if he would get on the field, not with Robert Griffin III as the Washington Redskins ' quarterback...

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  22. Ajax Fans Welcome Zlatan Ibrahimovic Back as 'Son of God'

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic returned to Amsterdam on Wednesday night to face his former club, Ajax, as a member of Paris Saint-Germain. The man himself is oft referred to in religious terms for his ridiculous exploits on the pitch...

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  23. Champions League T20 2014: Updated Scores, Group Standings, Remaining Schedule

    Two-and-a-half weeks of top-quality short-form cricket got under way in India on September 17 as the 2014 Champions League T20 group stages kicked off...

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  24. Pass Rush Will Have to Come from Within

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  25. Knicks, Orlando Sanchez Agree To Deal

    The Knicks have a deal with undrafted St. John's power forward Orlando Sanchez, agent Brian J. Bass tweets...

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