1. NFL Power Rankings 2014: Latest League Outlook Heading into Preseason

    NFL power rankings are a critical piece of football culture. The overall hierarchy of the league is an eye-of-the-beholder matter, but within each set of rankings lies detailed ...

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  2. OT Mike Farrell Under O'Brien Again

    Before Mike Farrell was signed by the Texans on Tuesday and even before he tried out to make the team a few days ago, the former Nittany Lion was in Pittsburgh when got a call from his former head coach...

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  3. Nacho Ready for Important Year

    Real Madrid youngster Nacho believes he is on the brink of an important year as he battles for a place in the team.....

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  4. Tisch Saw Something Special in Strahan from Start

    There's something about a star that's easy to spot as soon as he walks into a room. It's a presence that's captivating, an attraction that's instantaneous. Sometimes it can be felt in something as simple as a smile...

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  5. Tuggle Competing to Be a Starter

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  6. Manchester United vs. Real Madrid: Exclusive Hype Video Ahead of Cup Clash

    The Guinness Cup continues as giants Real Madrid face Manchester United at the "Big House" in Ann Arbor, home to the University of Michigan and one of the biggest football stadiums in the United States...

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  7. Luke Garbutt Ready to Fight for His Place at Everton

    Pre-season is a time of opportunity for young players. It's a chance to be noticed, to stand up and be counted...

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  8. Can Nick Diaz Actually Beat Anderson Silva? Does It Even Matter?

    On day two, reality started to set in. Tuesday’s confirmation that Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz will fight next January at UFC 183 was pure joy, pure wonder...

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  9. Boston Celtics Roster: Could Marcus Smart Become the Starting 2?

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  10. Red Sox Trade Jon Lester, Jonny Gomes to Oakland for Yoenis Cespedes

    Jon Lester, the most accomplished lefthanded pitcher in Red Sox history, has been traded to the Oakland Athletics along with Jonny Gomes. The Sox received Yoenis Cespedes and a draft pick in return...

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  11. Mavs Open Preseason vs. Rockets

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  12. Jon Lester's Postseason Pedigree Makes Oakland A's New October Favorite

    Warning: Justin Verlander’s read may be different, but call the Jon Lester-turbocharged Oakland A’s the Kings of the Hill. They’ve got pitching for Game 1. They’ve got pitching for Game 2...

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  13. Smith (Groin), Jernigan (Back Spasms) Expected Back Soon

    Daryl smith taking a couple of days with groin injury. Nothing serious. Jernigan has back spasms. Also not Believed to be serious...

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  14. Red Sox Pull off Surprising Coup in Jon Lester for Yoenis Cespedes Blockbuster

    The inevitable happened Thursday morning, as the Boston Red Sox traded left-hander Jon Lester , a free-agent-to-be who was expected to test the open market after the two sides failed for months to reach an agreement in contract-extension talks...

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  15. Miami Unveils Custom 'U' Gloves, Travel Shoes

    Earlier this offseason, the University of Miami unveiled a number of new, flashy football uniforms that the Hurricanes will wear during the 2014 season.....

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  16. Louis van Gaal must buy two defenders for Manchester United - Scholes

    Paul Scholes has urged Louis van Gaal to buy two defenders - to shore up Manchester United 's weakest link...

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  17. Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo Unsure He'll Play Next Week vs. San Diego

    OXNARD, Calif. — Tony Romo practiced Wednesday, declared he was 100 percent and said he will play in the preseason.....

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  18. Ravens Fourth-Round Pick Brent Urban Tears ACL

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  19. Hernandez Interested in Inter Move

    Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez has admitted that he would be interested in a move to Inter Milan .....

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  20. Five Reasons You Should Be Excited That Marcus Smart Is Impressing...

    Marcus Smart, as you may have heard, is practicing with the USA Select Team helping Team USA prepare for the World Cup of Basketball in Spain this September. You may have heard this because apparently he's tearing things up...

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  21. Wozniacki Will Run the NYC Marathon

    Caroline Wozniacki was supposed to be walking down the aisle in November. Instead, she'll be running through the five boroughs...

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  22. Besic Spurred on by World Cup Experience

    Muhamed Besic says that his well-reviewed performances for Bosnia-Herzegovina in the World Cup this summer gave him the confidence to make the leap from the Hungarian league to the Premier League with Everton ...

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  23. MLB Trade Deadline 2014: Rumors and Predictions for Last-Minute Deals

    MLB franchises looking to make deals only have a matter of hours left to do so, as the trade deadline comes at 4 p.m. ET on Thursday, and a flurry of activity should be expected...

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  24. Debate: Grade Everton's Transfer Window So Far

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  25. Washington Post Reader Defends Fred Flintstone After Comparison to Ray Rice

    Fred Flintstone seems like a pretty good guy, so some people may take offense when he is compared to someone who was involved in a domestic violence incident...

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