1. Is Archie Goodwin the Odd Man Out?

  2. Young Players Who Need Changes of Scenery to Thrive

  3. As Markieff Morris stays quiet, Archie Goodwin praised him as a teammate. "I hope he stays." http://t.co/gIgMNHqovj http://t.co/kLbRRKplC6

  4. Rockin' the rim... @A1Laflare10 leads the @Suns TOP 10 PLAYS of the season! http://t.co/VtOH5XS3a0 #NBATop10 http://t.co/ZWUn52xuqt

  5. #Suns: How Devin Booker Can Steal Minutes From Archie Goodwin http://t.co/jE9FF5Cg2t http://t.co/irI7Uez5La

  6. Happy Birthday to @A1Laflare10! http://t.co/E1E0CDLspE

  7. Archie Goodwin, heading into his third Suns season, turned 21 today. http://t.co/eBgztaKtO7

  8. Solar Flares: Brandon Knight, Archie Goodwin talk Markieff Morris. Barkley talks Kobe. http://t.co/iZxadACkcm http://t.co/ZFAzUBrqwm

  9. #Suns: Too Early To Think About Trading Archie Goodwin http://t.co/EaYcAH40Ir http://t.co/EMOoxv7934

  10. ICYMI, @GeraldBourguet took a look at why it’s far too early for the #Suns to give up on Archie Goodwin: http://t.co/EaYcAH40Ir

  11. ICYMI, @GeraldBourguet took a look at 5 realistic goals for Archie Goodwin’s third season with the #Suns: http://t.co/iD0B7BPrIs

  12. Archie Goodwin: No. 308 Jon Leuer: No. 313 Devin Booker: No. 323 Sonny Weems: No. 379 Ronnie Price: No. 387 #Suns https://t.co/apbpRtKmUm

  13. Guard @A1LaFlare10 having some fun with the #SunsMediaDay Twitter mirror! http://t.co/PN1DkKXMPy

  14. Your @iasishealthcare starting lineup for #SunsVsJazz! F @TonyWarrenJr F @Keefmorris C @tysonchandler G @A1Laflare10 G @Goodknight11

  15. Archie Goodwin is so good at attacking the basket. Makes great adjustments in the air and looks like he wants to get to the line more

  16. THAT @A1Laflare10 AND-1! #SunsVsJazz http://t.co/krVJJTws8L

  17. Projected starting five for tonight's Suns-Rockets preseason game: Brandon Knight, Archie Goodwin, T.J. Warren, Markieff Morris, Jon Leuer.

  18. Got a lineup of @Keefmorris, @A1Laflare10, Henry Sims, @TonyWarrenJr and Ronnie Price on the floor.

  19. . @A1Laflare10 calls bank on that 3 ball! Hits a big one from downtown with under 2 minutes left in the 1st! #SunsVsRockets

  20. Rockets could barely get the ball across half court at the end of the 1st. That @A1Laflare10 @TonyWarrenJr and Ronnie Price Defense! 

  21. Phoenix #Suns: Is Archie Goodwin The Odd Man Out? http://t.co/LZ520gdOYS http://t.co/owvKdcYqAl

  22. Archie Goodwin is looking like the odd man out for the Phoenix #Suns, but it’s still too early to give up on him: https://t.co/LZ520gdOYS

  23. The Suns are using a three-guard lineup with Archie Goodwin entering the game to play alongside Bledsoe and Knight.

  24. . @A1Laflare10 with the slam gets the Mavs lead cut down to single digits! #SunsAtMavs

  25. Center @alexlen, guard @A1Laflare10 & Pres @JasonRowleySuns are bound for Bisbee to dedicate a court w/ @apsFYI. https://t.co/bkHP6c5jD1

  26. #ReboundProject was a success in Bisbee thanks to @apsFYI, @alexlen, @A1Laflare10, @TomLeander and @JasonRowleySuns. https://t.co/0fl5vxTzCj

  27. The Suns picked up 2016-17 contract options for Archie Goodwin, Alex Len and T.J. Warren. https://t.co/f7mpGiTI45

  28. The #Phoenix #Suns have exercised contract options on Archie Goodwin, Alex Len, T.J. Warren: https://t.co/8KP1DKmtph

  29. Archie Goodwin makes it a 12-man rotation. Rookie Devin Booker is the only active Sun to not play so far. DAL 32-30. #SunsVsMavs

  30. Archie Goodwin has three DNP-CDs in the past four games but is the first sub off the bench for #SunsAtThunder tonight.

  31. Archie Goodwin is still on the floor. He has done literally nothing good or bad except one turnover I think

  32. Suns notes: Turnovers had many means, culprits; Archie Goodwin gets a chance; starters slip. https://t.co/x5DRJCWxuR https://t.co/FKR4fKjLBB

  33. Archie Goodwin gets a chance at being the first guard off the bench for a second consecutive game. PHX 17-15. #SunsVsClippers

  34. Archie Goodwin will be the first Suns sub off the bench. PHX 10-9. #SunsVsNuggets

  35. FINAL: Suns win 105-81. : @ebled2 30 pts, 7 rebs, 4 asts @A1Laflare10 12 pts, 5 rebs, 2 asts https://t.co/xl5wMeCLoo