1. How to stop Gronk? 'Uh ... triple-team,' says Aqib Talib https://t.co/bjiVdZrJKY

  2. Aqib Talib and the Art of the Interception

  3. Talib Sent Home with Flu Symptoms, Expected to Play vs. Lions

  4. Watch: Talib Picks Off Flacco for 51-Yd TD

  5. Aqib Talib: "Best way to cover Gronk? Triple team"

  6. Kubiak on Talib: "He's fun to be around." Understatement.

  7. Belichick says Harris has moved inside more in 3 corner deployments, with Roby and Talib on the outside. "Man to man. Not a big mystery."

  8. Broncos defense takes a big hit with Ware's injury, Talib's suspension https://t.co/c57sGeTejt @arniestapleton

  9. #KCvsDEN interceptions leaders: #Chiefs Peters…3 Five tied…1 #Broncos Talib…3 Two tied…2

  10. Aqib knocks the ball down! Defense holds! Broncos ball! That was a huge stop! #DENvsCHI #WeAreBRONCOS

  11. Bears go for it on 4th/goal. Talib breaks it up.

  12. The #Broncos' #Talib vs. the #Bears' Jeffery Key #DENvsCHI matchups to know before kickoff https://t.co/SONtVSGeJZ https://t.co/gipHJlREut

  13. #Talib returns after all-around frustrating Week 10 https://t.co/1xrfcTmglc https://t.co/OqxeljdLNK

  14. Last Monday #broncos Aqib Talib talked to us about poking a dude in the eye. This week he's hanging with puppies. https://t.co/mNRGygtQgi

  15. Aqib Talib: "He seems like he's superman but he's really like anyone else. As a team we knew Peyton was banged up."

  16. #Talib on the last week: "I went to Dallas, enjoyed my time with my family, watched some youth football, worked out. It was good."

  17. Talib: "We've seen a lot of Brock. We're confident. We know what he can do."

  18. Aqib Talib said he stayed in touch with his teammates all last week. "Back to work."

  19. Broncos get Aqib Talib back today. Team probably glad they're not dealing with a suspension 2 weeks in a row https://t.co/iYyanETSjD

  20. One bit of good news for the Broncos today: Aqib Talib is back.

  21. Didn't know Talib was playing in this game.

  22. So Broncos will get Aqib Talib back from suspension next week, but could lose Ward.

  23. Broncos badly need DeMarcus Ware and Aqib Talib.

  24. #Broncos did keep the roster at 52 players this week w/ Aqib Talib on reserve/suspended.

  25. Definitely agree on Mayo, Talib, Welker, Mankins, McCourty. I didn;t know the other guys. https://t.co/mKAYCGt2iG

  26. #Broncos CB Aqib Talib, suspended for eye poke, wasn't fined for his unsportsmanlike conduct penalty (AKA "the too-hard-of-a-clap flag").

  27. #Broncos keep in touch with suspended Talib https://t.co/bUUH1k9dMH

  28. Former NYT sportswriter suggests Aqib Talib should be arrested for assault for the eye-poke. https://t.co/mbwlJApHeB

  29. Costly loss in Indy for Den. TJ Ward docked $17,363 for hit on TY Hilton, $5,700/uniform violation. Aqib Talib 1-game suspension ($323,529)

  30. Costly loss in Indy for Den. TJ Ward docked $17,363 for hit on TY Hilton, $5,700/uniform violation. Alibi Talib 1-game suspension ($323,529)

  31. Von Miller said he texted Aqib Talib at start of meetings yesterday. "I wasn't supposed to have my phone. Guess I just told on myself."

  32. With Aqib Talib suspended, Kubiak said he and Elway will meet Friday to discuss bringing up another. CB Taurean Nixon's name will come up.

  33. Kubiak said Broncos might not make a move to fill Talib's spot on 53 this week; will depend on which guys will be active.

  34. Bradley Roby, star of last meeting vs. Chiefs, assumes starting job in Aqib Talib's absence: https://t.co/4zadwGcmNj via @nickijhabvala

  35. With Talib on reserve/suspended, #Broncos roster at 52, could promote CB Taurean Nixon from practice squad for Sunday's game vs. Chiefs

  36. Think talib suspension is appropriate https://t.co/5opbJtHXqD

  37. Today was Shane Ray's first practice for #Broncos since Oct. 30. Also Aqib Talib not at practice and won't be this week per 1 gm suspension.