What Bleacher Report Can Do for You

Remember the days when a copy editor's job description began and ended with staples like spelling and grammar?

Well, neither will your next boss in the publishing business—which makes it all the more critical that you let Bleacher Report help you update your outlook and modernize your skill set.

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B/R's Advanced Program in Editing and Content Management is a 12-week online education course for journalism students and working professionals. Participants receive detailed instruction in the various nuances of digital content management, with stipends paid for the completion of weekly training modules and an option to earn full or partial course credit for their work. Upon completing the program, all successful graduates are considered for available positions on B/R's Copy Editing Team.

In the brave new world of modern media, you won't find a better foundation for day-to-day mobility and long-term success.

The Program

Individual sessions begin on self-selected start dates and run for 12 weeks. Along the way, participants learn the ropes and hone their skills by virtue of…

  • Professional Training

    To reinforce the value of B/R's exhaustive tutorial literature and interactive learning tools, APECM instructors work closely with participants during the full course of the program.

  • Hands-On Experience

    After proving their grasp of key concepts and demonstrating their mastery of essential techniques, participants enjoy the privilege of reviewing and revising submissions in real time.

  • Active Dialogue

    The communication from instructor to participant translates abstract principles into concrete terms—and the communication from participant back to instructor ensures that the concrete terms fit the unique mold into which they're poured.

In sum, the APECM promotes a kind of learning that's equal measures theoretical and practical. That comprehensiveness, in turn, gives participants the fundamental competence they'll need to meet the many challenges—some predictable, some not—they're sure to face in the course of their careers.

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The Payoff

All conscientious participants earn weekly stipends for the completion of standardized learning modules. In addition to this obvious financial benefit, every conscientious participant also stands to gain…

  • A Kit Full of Tools

    The diversity of skills cultivated by the program prepares participants to capitalize on new opportunities—and to impress prospective employers—in a rapidly evolving field.

  • A Foot in the Door

    Successful participants are favorably considered for available copy editor positions at B/R, with several graduates typically invited to join the ranks in any given month.

  • A Career in the Field

    Many a longstanding media career has started with a stint in B/R's training trenches. Whether here or elsewhere, the skills you develop in your 12 weeks will serve you well as you find your niche in the business.

The market for long-term positions is tight and getting tighter, and B/R can't make any promises to prospective participants—but the fact remains that a bit of self-investment in the short run really can pay dividends down the road.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do APECM participants do?

Participants pursue a 12-week program of in-depth training and hands-on learning, with an emphasis on the first principles and best practices of digital content management. The experience prepares them to fulfill a range of possible editorial responsibilities—copy editing, content moderation, writer evaluation and supervision—in long-term positions at B/R or elsewhere.

To learn more about B/R—and about the role played by B/R's editors—be sure to check out the video summary of our publishing process.


2. Who can participate in the APECM?

The APECM is designed for journalism students and recent grads at the university and graduate school levels in the United States and United Kingdom. B/R also welcomes working professionals in the fields of print or digital publishing.

University-level students who aren’t journalism majors but who do have journalistic experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 


3. What commitments does the APECM entail?

The APECM runs for 12 weeks, with participants telecommuting from home for the entirety of the course. As a supplement to their training, participants are expected to fill a weekly quota of article reviews, the combination of which translates to a weekly time commitment of roughly 15 flexible hours.


4. What will I learn from the APECM, and who will help me learn it?

APECM participants receive thorough instruction in the philosophy and methodology of digital content management, with particular emphasis on the nuances of reviewing and revising submissions in real time.

Each participant is paired with a personal trainer who provides detailed guidance through the full course of the 12-week program. B/R’s training team boasts decades of collective experience in the digital media business—and a long record of success in helping new participants learn the tricks of the trade. 

5. Can participation in the APECM lead to paid employment?

Yes—in addition to stipends paid for the completion of weekly training modules, exceptional participants can expect to be favorably considered for paid positions on B/R's Copy Editing Team. As a general rule, several APECM participants are invited to join the ranks in any given month.

The hiring process is highly competitive, and B/R makes no promises to prospective applicants. The most successful candidates are those who show consistent competence and unflagging enthusiasm through the course of the program, with special consideration given to those who go above and beyond the minimum requirements for graduation.

B/R also provides successful participants with professional references and letters of recommendation upon request. In the past, graduates have secured positions with a wide range of major media organizations and have been accepted to graduate-level programs all over the country.

6. Does the APECM qualify for course credit?

Yes—APECM participation is recognized for course credit by most major institutions. You should check with the administrators at your school to confirm the details in your particular case.

7. How can I join the APECM?

To be considered for a position in the APECM, please submit a preliminary application via our online form.

Qualified applicants will be contacted with further details shortly after submitting their preliminary applications.

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APECM by the Numbers

Average Acceptance Rate
No more than 10 percent of applicants are accepted in any given month—and the number is often much lower.

Average Experience Level
Most accepted applicants have at least several years of formal journalism work or education to their credit.

Average Response Time
We typically process applications within 7-10 business days, with occasional delays during peak periods.

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