1. hangin' out w/ the Sremmlife crew! Thanks for having us, we had a great time with u guys! @raesremmurd

  2. Sampdoria Deny Cassano Bust-Up

  3. Cassano: 'I Feel Like S--t'

  4. Report: Cassano Tempted by Atalanta

  5. Finally I'm back at #fullpower. And day by day I'm feeling better. Most important thing for me now is #PowerON ‼️ https://t.co/YonQSqzXUf

  6. ⬅️ Time for a new profile picture - hope you like this one!  #PowerON #miasanmia #FCBayern

  7. Hope for more days like this! https://t.co/XbMaHOfBgc

  8. Great time with the @FCBayern Fanclub Gute Freunde Leipheim! DANKE #MiaSanMia https://t.co/6HPBSLTwYi

  9. Had great fun visiting the @FCBayern fan club Pomperlbuam in Bad Griesbach today. Thank you all!  #MiaSanMia #da27 https://t.co/KfIpcqlPnj

  10. Have a homely First Sunday of Advent around your loved ones! #MeineKraftLiegtInJesus #da27 https://t.co/BUWuHzNw3A

  11. Happy to see you, bro! Stay the way you are. God bless you! @mitch23elijah #da27 https://t.co/EpkpFWhTBU

  12. Happy to see you, bro! Stay the way you are. God bless you! @mitch23elijah #da27

  13. #StrongerTogether  https://t.co/0woR58FbLW

  14. Not an easy game, glad we showed patience and came out on top! @FCBayern #FCBBSC #MiaSanMia

  15. Bundesliga calling. Matchday! ⚽ #FCBBSC #packmas https://t.co/96eTmYywKp

  16. All eyes on our next challenge tomorrow ⚽ #fullPower #FCBBSC #packmas https://t.co/e17Yoqdfzw

  17. Wishing everyone celebrating a Happy #Thanksgiving! Let’s all be grateful and may your day be blessed!  #da27

  18. Back on the ball again ⚽ #ComebackStronger #da27 https://t.co/fHcov5yNJU

  19. Strong team performance! Despite the red card - great being part of the starting XI with my team mates. #MiaSanMia https://t.co/z6RI5Ky3dN

  20. Happy Birthday and all the best, @XabiAlonso! Have a great day.  https://t.co/Nb2NHxqWMB

  21. Happy Birthday to an absolute legend! Enjoy your day, @XabiAlonso!  #da27 https://t.co/GcHfflKXNV

  22. Thanks, bro!  #da27 https://t.co/ZAjq9YNFvB

  23. Terrific team performance! Great finishing the group stage on top of the table & congrats to @esmuellert_ on his #UCL record  #FCBOLY #da27

  24. "We want to finish first" - @Manuel_Neuer weighs in on the top-of-the-table #UCL clash tomorrow: https://t.co/bPxmL1oLur

  25. Luis Enrique recorded 40 wins in his first 50 games as Barcelona’s manager, compared to 36 wins for Guardiola and 30 for Cruyff.

  26. YES! It's MATCHDAY! #FCBOLY @ #AllianzArena, 20:45 CET. What are your predictions? #MiaSanMia #FCBayern #UCL

  27. Tonight's the night! @ChampionsLeague! 20:45 CET in the #AllianzArena. What are your predictions for #FCBOLY? https://t.co/3NIbPD8bBz

  28. Soccer on the Air l Barcelona-Roma and Bayern Munich-Olympiacos are on the Tueday UCL schedule. https://t.co/PNq8YDMaUq

  29. Just another Champions League game? Not to Pep Guardiola: https://t.co/H4DkB9lprw #FCBOLY

  30. Silva, Olympiacos: "Bayern are maybe the best in the world... nobody would have said we'd be 2nd in the group." #UCL https://t.co/x4q0glVW8W

  31. Tonight our team faces @FCBayern in the fifth matchday of the UEFA Champions League. Kick-off at 21:45. https://t.co/C33nWmo5Vg

  32. Stars of @FCBayern don't believe in winning the Ballon d'or because of @TeamMessi and @Cristiano

  33. The sun is shining over Säbener Street this morning as the boys begin the build-up to #FCBOLY. ☀⚽ https://t.co/Cv1fZkXnx9

  34. Bayern are surely going to win tonight? Here's the punt you should go with in that game... https://t.co/vPuxVmYBsr https://t.co/QXC12HMSSu

  35. #olympiacos #UCL #FCBOLY #matchday @FCBayern @ChampionsLeague https://t.co/Knr3S5Tbsw

  36. TRANSFER CENTRE: Thomas Muller holds talks over contract extension at Bayern Munich: https://t.co/8z6LqawS9s #FCB https://t.co/etKki4NDi5

  37. Football News : Arsenal dreading draw between Bayern Munich and Olympiakos - here are some of the best mutuall... https://t.co/t8oEoUWhfA

  38. Neuer: "You can see from our joy of playing that we want to keep going." Read more: https://t.co/O6NCqvg2UU #FCBOLY https://t.co/FVawNQca9F