1. UFC 174: Why Arlovski vs. Schaub Wasn't Exactly an Epic Robbery

    It's safe to say that anyone who's been around MMA since before 2012 or so (RIP TUF : Live , you were too beautiful for this world) was pretty happy to have Andrei Arlovski back in the Octagon...

    Matthew Ryder Written by Matthew Ryder about 1 month ago 1,456 reads 6 comments

  2. UFC 174 Gives Us One of the Most Lackluster Events in Recent Memory

    UFC 174 was a let down, and that could very well be an understatement. The undercard of the event never looked stellar, but it did exceed its expectations and included three finishes...

    Nathan McCarter Written by Nathan McCarter about 1 month ago 12,454 reads 55 comments

  3. UFC 174 Results: Fights for Andrei Arlovski to Take Next

    UFC 174 saw the return of former UFC heavyweight champ Andrei Arlovski. Unfortunately for "The Pitbull," there aren't a lot of fans that are too happy that he's back following UFC 174...

    Kyle Symes Written by Kyle Symes about 1 month ago 6,885 reads 18 comments

  4. Andrei Arlovski vs. Brendan Schaub: What We Learned from UFC 174 Tilt

    Brendan Schaub and Andrei Arlovski met at UFC 164 in a pivotal bout for their careers. Each man sought a victory to make a run up the heavyweight rankings, and a loss would have been detrimental to their hopes...

    Nathan McCarter Written by Nathan McCarter about 1 month ago 25,293 reads 72 comments

  5. UFC 174: Is Andrei Arlovski One-and-Done If He Loses?

    Nine years ago, Andrei Arlovski became the interim UFC heavyweight champion by defeating Tim Sylvia in just 47 seconds. In his next fight, he defended the interim title by knocking out Justin Eilers in just over four minutes...

    Tim McTiernan Written by Tim McTiernan about 1 month ago 7,602 reads 20 comments

  6. Brendan Schaub Excited to Welcome Andrei Arlovski Back to the Octagon at UFC 174

    Brendan Schaub has been asking for a big fight, and it looks like he finally got one. The surging heavyweight will welcome former champion Andrei Arlovski back to the Octagon ...

    Duane Finley Written by Duane Finley about 3 months ago 8,121 reads 27 comments

  7. Former Heavyweight Champ Andrei Arlovski Signs New Fight Deal with UFC

    Andrei Arlovski is coming home. The former UFC heavyweight champ has reportedly signed a new fight deal that will bring him back to the UFC. Bleacher Report was able to confirm the signing of Arlovski when reaching out to the UFC on Thursday..

    Jordy McElroy Written by Jordy McElroy about 3 months ago 28,602 reads 155 comments

  8. Andrei Arlovski Still Angry After Last Fight, Plans to Shut a Lot of Mouths

    Eight seconds. In life, eight seconds doesn't isn't really any grand significance of time, unless you just so happen to be a bullrider . Beyond that, however, most people wouldn't look at eight seconds as anything more than a blink of time...

    Damon Martin Written by Damon Martin about 11 months ago 13,553 reads 20 comments