1. Andre Ethier follows with another single! #LetsGoDodgers!

  2. Biggest Snubs, Surprises of 1st Esurance Awards

  3. With @redturn2's single, #Dodgers have runners on first and second with one out. Andre Ethier up. #LetsGoDodgers

  4. Ethier strikes out swinging. Two outs. CC up.

  5. Ethier singles to right. Two on for CC.

  6. Andre Ethier on Kershaw: "We can have all the confidence in world but we’ve got to do our job as offense and ... take some pressure off him”

  7. Andre Ethier is pinch-hitting for Ruggiano.

  8. Chase Utley 7 for 17 (.412) with 2 doubles career vs Bartolo Colon but Andre Ethier (3 for 9, double, HR) gets 1st pinch hit shot #Dodgers

  9. Ethier flails at strike three. Three outs.

  10. Dodgers going mostly with G1 lineup: Kendrick 2B Seager SS Gonzalez 1B Turner 3B Ethier RF Grandal C Hernandez LF Pederson CF Greinke P

  11. Bloop single by Ethier in shallow left-center. Another run scores. 2-1.

  12. Fourth straight single. This one by Andre Ethier. #Dodgers 2, #Mets 1, bot 1

  13. DRE!!!! Ethier drops one in and the #Dodgers take a 2-1 lead!!! #ROCKTHERAVINE! http://t.co/jfFSCEpzfz

  14. Dodgers up 2-1. Ethier with a jam shot that falls. Warthen out for a first-inning visit.

  15. That Ethier bloop single made Dodger Stadium louder than I’ve heard since the Juan Uribe jazz hands incident. 2-1, Dodgers.

  16. Ethier blooper finds an open spot and Dodgers take 2-1 lead. Two on, one out

  17. 2-1 Dodgers. Ethier with a bloop single. First and second, still one out.

  18. The @Dodgers take the lead! Andre Ethier with a bloop RBI single for the 2-1 lead over the Mets in the 1st. #postseason #NLDS

  19. Another hit! Andre Ethier singles to left. Dodgers fight back and lead, 2-1.

  20. #Dodgers Ethier long, long run to catch that on track.

  21. Ethier robs Conforto of at least a double with a diving catch! Two outs.

  22. Ethier yelling at Mattingly in the dugout. No idea why.

  23. Speculation among crew was Mattingly was upset that Ethier couldn't get Turner to third wth no out after leadoff double.

  24. For those asking. I do not know why Ethier was upset at Mattingly. I'm not sitting in the dugout. If they win it doesn't matter.

  25. "Something something at-bats" it seems from Ethier

  26. #Mets' Curtis Granderson fields a ball hit by #Dodgers' Andre Ethier. (@GettySport) http://t.co/tsUekoA2nl http://t.co/37VyVQSFHw

  27. "So what was Ethier yelling anyway?" https://t.co/9StO7fIKXx

  28. VIDEO: Dodgers' Andre Ethier is ANGRY at manager Don Mattingly . http://t.co/0hkR7hfCNW http://t.co/Tu5uiERRO0

  29. Ethier pops out for the second out.

  30. Wright flies out to Ethier to start the 6th.

  31. Mattingly: Ethier was mad about a call. “He’s maybe yelling at me because I’m trying to settle him down, but there was nothing between us.”

  32. Interesting. Mattingly says Ethier was mad at ump, not mad at him (or at least only mad at him for trying to settle) https://t.co/fHBquZ5yZg

  33. So, Mattingly says Ethier was upset with plate ump Gary Cederstrom, not him. Says he was just "trying to settle him down." You buying that?

  34. Don Mattingly says Andre Ethier was yelling about umpire's call, not at him http://t.co/yzV1wemNBT

  35. I would imagine they do try to deal one or both, yes. Ethier (2/$38m +opt) more tradeable than Crawford (2/$41.75m) https://t.co/zaPBJg2xJs

  36. Ethier would get 10 & 5 rights on April 21, 2016, so would be easier to deal during offseason https://t.co/jx3HozcxQx

  37. Honestly . . . I’d like a manager who doesn’t get yelled at by Andre Ethier in a PLAYOFF GAME! #JustSaying #EthierYellsAtEveryone

  38. Andre Ethier was 5th. Voted on by NL players https://t.co/8CFzgN4v3R

  39. Andre Ethier, Joc Pederson get some love from their NL peers https://t.co/cGd25U5K9E https://t.co/YNtR1LvsSU

  40. A look back at 2015 for Andre Ethier, who was healthy, productive & used perfectly this year https://t.co/EMVZDAgn4I https://t.co/hoQZRzzJYN