1. Peters, Kendricks, Barbre, Lane Johnson, Bair not practicing at all. #Eagles really are banged up.

  2. Jason Peters, Lane Johnson, and Allen Barbre aren't practicing today. So Jason Kelce is only original starter on field

  3. Looks like Allen Barbre not practicing today, in addition to Peters and Johnson

  4. Lane Johnson, Jason Peters and Allen Barbre not practicing. Really surprised #Eagles haven't signed one of their PS linemen

  5. Lane Johnson, Jason Peters and Allen Barbre aren't practicing. NBD. #Eagles

  6. On offense, looks like Lane Johnson (knee/ankle) and Allen Barbre (??) aren't practicing along with Peters. #Eagles

  7. Bair, Lane Johnson, Barbre off to the side as well

  8. Dennis Kelly in at RG. Matt Tobin moved to LG for the apparently injured Allen Barbre. #Eagles

  9. What if Peters can't play? Kelly at LT? Barbre at LT and Josh Andrews at left guard? Tobin at LT, Andrews at RG? Kelly at RG, Tobin at LT?

  10. So if Jason Peters can't go... Ugh. Barbre at LT, Tobin at LG, and Kelly at RG? Lots of options, I suppose. None are good.

  11. Andrew Gardner was the 14th best OG according to PFF. Allen Barbre is currently 61st out of 75. #Eagles

  12. Didn't appear Sam Bradford had his arm hit on short-hop throw to Nelson Agholor. Wouldn't have mattered. Allen Barbre had holding penalty.

  13. Looks like Allen Barbre is off to another poor start. They were so sure he was solid, all through camp.

  14. Allen Barbre prevented Sam Bradford from getting crushed by holding Mo Wilkerson on third down.

  15. #Eagles' bet on Allen Barbre instead of Evan Mathis isn't paying off http://t.co/D5S4lEKeEJ

  16. Early Birds: Time of possession vs. plays run; Dropped passes; Why Andrew Gardner and Allen Barbre are starting http://t.co/MxfRT5tCGr

  17. It's the guards. Allen Barbre was overhyped by the coaches. They havn't been terrible in pass protect tho. #Eagles https://t.co/KP5X1RpCyr

  18. The Eagles scored a TD, but Allen Barbre held. So the ball comes back 10 yards. Seems appropriate.

  19. Re-watching #Eagles-Falcons. Guard play wasn't as bad as I originally thought. Gardner got going in 2d half, but Allen Barbre struggled.

  20. Chip Kelly on Allen Barbre and Andrew Gardner: "I thought both guards weren't bad." #Eagles

  21. #Eagles invested in Byron Maxwell, spent little at guard. Both CB and Barbre-Gardner struggled in loss. My column: http://t.co/l8cavGX29V

  22. Give an assist to Allen Barbre. He pushed pile into end zone. Eagles with first lead.

  23. Ryan Mathews with a great push from Allen Barbre for the TD. #Eagles take the lead 24-23.