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Len Out for Rest of Summer League

By R. Cory Smith (Photo: Getty Images)

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    Can Len Bounce Back Next Season?

    by Sam Cooper

    For the fifth overall pick of the 2013 NBA Draft, Phoenix Suns center Alex Len had a relatively underwhelming rookie season. The 7'1" Ukrainian big man played in only 42 games, and averaged 2.... Read More »

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    Does Len Have Future with Suns?

    by Jonathan Wasserman

    The Phoenix Suns didn't draft Alex Len to present them with a short-term solution. They did it with the intention of developing him into their long-term starting center. Len hasn't made much o... Read More »

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    How Will We Know If Alex Len Is a Bust?

    by Jonathan Wasserman

    Nineteen games, 31 minutes, No. 5 pick overall. We won't know for sure whether Alex Len is a bust until his rookie contract expires. Let's not write the kid off before he's healthy enough to pla... Read More »