1. The #Phoenix #Suns have exercised contract options on Archie Goodwin, Alex Len, T.J. Warren: https://t.co/8KP1DKmtph

  2. Len Helped by the Likes Duncan, Chandler

  3. Alex Len Continues to Show Improvement

  4. Len Never Forgets His Ukrainian Roots

  5. Suns Banking on Chandler and Len Helping Each Other

  6. Teletovic and Len in for the first time. Love those two and TJ on offense.

  7. Things you don't expect: a T.J. Warren 3 and Brandon Knight rebounding and hitting Alex Len ahead of everyone on a break. 17-17. #SunsVsMavs

  8. T.J. hits a trey, Len throws one down, the future and this crowd have been ignited.

  9. Pros and Cons of a Twin Towers Lineup

  10. Len Looks to Learn from 'One of the Best' in Chandler

  11. Weems' shot is not pretty. Alex Len is playing awesome without the ball in both ends.

  12. Alex Len becomes the 4th Sun with 2 fouls in the 1st quarter, prompting the Suns to go to Teletovic and Leuer together shortly. #SunsVsMavs

  13. I want to see more offense run through Len, think he can handle it.

  14. Who did it better? Alex Len or Kristaps Porzingas? https://t.co/Zv9BugS38Y https://t.co/kAqaFBW8lB

  15. Len checking in. Really good time from Chandler. Giving the Suns what they needed

  16. Alex Len is really good at rebounding. Never gives up, really smart about where to bat the ball.

  17. Really nice post-up from Len. Strong and confident.

  18. . @alexlen gets the and-1. He has 10 points, 4 rebounds, 2 blocks, and a steal to go along with it. #SunsVsBlazers

  19. Hornacek takes a time out to get Weems, Warren and Len in the game. PHX 22-21. Knight hs 6. Morris has two 3s. #SunsAtBlazers

  20. The second unit is struggling on offense, only making two 3s by Leuer. Warren 0-4 FG. Len 0-3 FG. POR 32-30, 8:15 til half. #SunsAtBlazers

  21. Tyson Chandler spent most of halftime warmup showing Alex Len where to go to his left hand and right hand from the block. #SunsAtBlazers

  22. The passing chemistry between point guards & Len hasn't been sharp this week. Len hasn't been sharp overall tonight (1-8 FG). #SunsAtBlazers

  23. After both teams subbed, Alex Len is matched up with Josh Smith. Suns getting inside often for six layups/dunks. LA 22-18. #SunsAtClippers

  24. Alex Len has had his issues finishing early in the season. Three dunks this quarter is helping that go better. PHX 96-82, 7:36. #SunsVsKings

  25. Alex Len has 13 of his 15 points in the fourth quarter. PHX 105-87, 4:27 after Len heat-checks a J miss. #SunsVsKings

  26. FINAL: PHX 118, SAC 97; PHX: 54 FG%, 14-23 3s, 20 tov; SAC: 48 FG%, 20 tov; Bledsoe: 19p/8a/6r; Knight: 17p/8a; Len: 16p/8r. #SunsVsKings

  27. A little Lensanity happened, which makes @alexlen the @CarlsJr Star of the Game. #SunsVsKings https://t.co/MwtacQfs74

  28. Alex Len has polished his moves but he struggled on finishes until Wednesday's 4th quarter. https://t.co/uCocZ780H6 https://t.co/OjQhSa11K8

  29. It is a joy to watch Alex Len play basketball https://t.co/OvrZdH48BZ https://t.co/s1idt2LNoO

  30. Alex Len wasn't mess around with a post hook. He tried to dunk on Drummond. His 2 FTs makes it DET 64-63, :46.4 in 3rd. #SunsVsPistons

  31. The Suns are on a 12-0 run after Alex Len's slam follow. OKC 29-26. #SunsAtThunder

  32. OKC 60, PHX 54 @ half; OKC: 45 FG%, 1-11 3s; PHX: 49 FG%. 14 tov; Westbrook: 13p/9a; Waiters: 13p; Bledsoe: 20p/3a; Len:6p/5r #SunsAtThunder

  33. RISE Network Top Plays of the Week 5⃣ @AlexLen Putback 3⃣️ P.J. to T.J. 1⃣️ https://t.co/lDYzo0t92M https://t.co/3Vloa3KiVA

  34. The Suns have rotated reserve rotations but a Warren-Leuer-Len frontcourt has been a staple. https://t.co/gZF4zBy8vU https://t.co/a8VMmYiLnG

  35. Suns notes: Chandler pick-n-roll effect on shooting is seen not felt; Len catches footballs. https://t.co/gmycEa4xRh https://t.co/6uKLo2n4ol

  36. OMG Alex Len would terrify NFL defenses if he played tight end! https://t.co/EqwbJWpfc7 https://t.co/9stqD6RTP3

  37. Denver's drought lasted 5:45 but ends when Alex Len fouls on a Jameer Nelson drive. PHX 24-11. #SunsVsNuggets

  38. As well as the Suns are doing, Alex Len isn't having a good run. Fouls, a turnover & getting beat on boards is gonna sit him. #SunsVsNuggets

  39. Back-to-back STUFFS for @AlexLen! #SunsVsLakers https://t.co/BuKptSqsJZ

  40. What do @AlexLen and Oreos have in common? Double-stuff. #SunsVsLakers. Right now on @FOXSportsAZ, FOX Sports GO. https://t.co/Q86BIfZAt2

  41. Devin Booker will start the second quarter at small forward (T.J. Warren is out sick) with Knight, Goodwin, Leuer and Len. #SunsVsBulls

  42. In his 1st start, Jokic beats Chandler for 2 offensive boards but couldn't put back either one. Len in for Chandler. PHX 13-9 #SunsAtNuggets

  43. Alex Len just created two extra possessions with his tip outs, fun to watch.