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  8. (Cont.) The #Royals also announce that they will make a qualifying offer to OF Alex Gordon, who declined his player option yesterday.

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  12. In also less than surprising news, the team will make a qualifying offer to Alex Gordon.

  13. Dayton Moore continues with obvious moves, lobbing the qualifying offer to Alex Gordon. #Royals

  14. Royals also announce they are making a qualifying offer to Alex Gordon.

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  18. #Royals exercise option on Wade Davis and Esky. Extend qualifying offer to Alex Gordon

  19. KC extends qualifying offer to OF Alex Gordon https://t.co/nePRVCr3u6

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  24. Royals extend qualifying offer to Alex Gordon https://t.co/a67udaocSQ https://t.co/eMDanmf488

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  26. The Royals have extended a qualifying offer to Alex Gordon. https://t.co/mfCJTAUn0v https://t.co/bdrSuJcgCs

  27. Ned said he knew Alex Gordon would decline his player option, but it still "kinda took my breath away." #Royals

  28. GMDM: "I know you guys are going to get crushed every day with ‘What are we going to do with Alex Gordon?’ If I knew, I would tell you."

  29. #Royals' Dayton Moore on Alex Gordon: “There’s no doubt in any of our minds that we want Alex and Alex wants to be here."

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  31. Royals GM unsure of what's next with Alex Gordon: 'If I knew, I would tell you.' https://t.co/fKAcrVw1rL https://t.co/4FJqHpR1iV

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  36. Said this all year: The Royals love Alex Gordon. Gordon loves the Royals. But if KC wanted to keep him, they would have done it last spring.

  37. The week of Alex Gordon.

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  39. Alex Gordon will get 5/$100M, Ben Zobrist will get 4/$60, according to @JonHeymanCBS . https://t.co/SDdPmAM2QZ

  40. Hearing a lot of early #Cubs, #Orioles and #Astros chatter on free agent OF Alex Gordon at the GMs meetings.

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  42. Alex Gordon was denied a 5th-straight Gold Glove by Yoenis Cespedes. Gordo's likely on his way to the gym right now because of it. #Royals

  43. Alex Gordon did not win a Gold Glove.

  44. Three Royals win Gold Gloves, Alex Gordon snubbed https://t.co/3mPG26cIiZ https://t.co/1RLMy3ND5u

  45. The Cubs, Astros and Orioles are three teams showing early interest in Alex Gordon: https://t.co/KeCnmJftJi https://t.co/18lvRlZ5fE

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  49. After 2011 World Series, St. Louis let its face of the franchise walk. Is KC about to do the same w/ Alex Gordon? https://t.co/CHBZV4sjlv

  50. Top 5 Defensive Runs Saved 2012-15: Andrelton Simmons 113 Jason Heyward 89 Alex Gordon 74 Nolan Arenado 64 Manny Machado 62 #Angels

  51. MLB leaders in Defensive Runs Saved since 2012, ALL positions: 1. Simmons, 112 2. Jason Heyward, 89 3. Alex Gordon, 74 4. Nolan Arenado, 64.

  52. Alex Gordon has rejected the Royals' qualifying offer. #Royals