Avila (Knee) in Lineup vs. Red Sox

By Tim Keeney

11 months ago

From Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports: Leyland: Avila will play tonight. — Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) October 19, 2... Read More »

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    Could Avila Be Tigers' 2013 Postseason Hero?

    by Josh Berenter

    Heroes are born in October. Every year, it seems like an MLB star emerges from relative obscurity during the playoffs, becoming a household name by the end of the month. This year, that unlikel... Read More »

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    Weekly Take on the Detroit Tigers

    by Greg Eno

    Last Week: 4-2 This Week: SEA (9/16-19); CWS (9/20-22) So, What Happened? The week began with the sky falling, apparently, but ended with it being partly cloudy, as it turns out... Read More »

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    Tigers' Biggest Disappointments So Far

    by Josh Berenter

    It's crazy to think that at the halfway mark, a team eight games over .500 and 3.5 games up in its own division could have several disappointing pieces, but that's just the case for the Detroit Tiger... Read More »

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    Struggling Tigers Who'll Stay Cold

    by Josh Berenter

    The Detroit Tigers have the best batting average and on-base percentage in the American League 12 games into the 2013 MLB season. But the Tigers have stumbled out to a 7-5 record, and have severa... Read More »

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    Why Alex Avila Needs to Step Up in 2013

    by Josh Berenter

    Alex Avila has been around baseball all his life, and has been around the Detroit Tigers for more than a decade. But if he doesn't step up, that tenure in Detroit may be coming to an end sooner tha... Read More »