1. Slumping MLB Stars Who Need to Be Benched in 2017 Pennant Races

    The MLB season is long enough to let players work through slumps. Peaks and valleys, highs and lows —they're all inevitable. We're entering the stretch run, however, when every at-bat and miscue is magnified...

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  2. MLB Metrics 101: Worst Bang-for-Your-Buck Stars at the Quarter Pole

    Even with the average player salary at $4.5 million, the 2017 season contains many reminders that most Major League Baseball players are underpaid. The overpaid players, however, stick out like so many sore badly broken and horribly mangled thumbs..

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  3. 1 Bold Move Every MLB Contender Should Make

    Luck, as they say, favors the bold. As we enter baseball's summer stretch run, that truism should echo from the front offices and dugouts of every MLB contender...

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  4. The Highest-Paid Major League Baseball Players

    It's no secret that the best of the best in Major League Baseball make a ridiculous amount of money each year...

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  5. Albert Pujols, Mike Scioscia Ejected for Arguing Balls and Strikes vs. Orioles

    Los Angeles Angels manager Mike Scioscia and designated hitter Albert Pujols were ejected from Tuesday night's game against the Baltimore Orioles for arguing balls and strikes...

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