1. Nick Saban Leading Charge for NCAA Reform Is Nothing New

    For all the criticism Nick Saban gets for his interactions with the media—that he is confrontational, controlling or manipulative—no one will ever say he doesn ’t speak his mind...

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  2. Blake Sims Joining Toronto Argonauts

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  3. Find out Which Team Is Early Favorite in 2015 Iron Bowl

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  4. Oddsmaker Projects Number of Alabama Wins for 2015 Season

    Just 102 days remain until Alabama's 2015 football season begins. That's a good time for an online sports book to publish expected win totals for the contenders.....

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  5. Nick Saban Warns of SEC Becoming a "Farm System" If Rules Aren't Changed

    DESTIN , Fla. — "You can't create a system that really can almost promote fraud." Alabama head coach Nick Saban issued a warning today that this is the road that college ...

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  6. Alabama Football: 5 Toughest QBs Crimson Tide Will Face in 2015

    A quick survey around the SEC shows this year won’t be the “year of the quarterback” in the league. Half of the SEC’s 14 schools will be breaking in a new starter or don’t have a solid starter named right now...

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  7. Alabama's Nick Saban Says He Caught a 6-Foot, 180-Pound Fish Last Night

    When Nick Saban eventually decides to call it quits as a college football coach, he's going to make one heck of a full-time fisherman...

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  8. Alabama's Nick Saban an Effective Recruiter No Matter the Sport

    Where Nick Saban goes, talent follows. If he picked up from Alabama today and decided to coach football in Anchorage, Alaska, he'd find a way to convince more than a few top recruits to embrace a life of pigskin, snowshoes and earmuffs...

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  9. Bama Targets Crystal Ball Trending for 2017

    A few weeks ago we looked at the highest 247Sports Crystal Ball percentages in favor of Alabama for 2016. Today, we'll look a little further down the road at guys who sit in good position with the Tide come 2017...

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  10. AJ McCarron: 'I'm Throwing Better Than I Ever Have'

    Former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron, who was hampered by tightness in his shoulder last season as a rookie, now has his eyes set on the Cincinnati Bengals' backup spot behind Andy Dalton, who is the Bengals' current starter under center...

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  11. Nick Saban an Asset to Alabama Women's Basketball Recruiting?

    For nine Alabama women's basketball recruits the last two years, their visit to Alabama included a meeting with football coach Nick Saban .....

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  12. Photos: Bama Football's 2015 Recruiting Class Moved in This Weekend

    Alabama's 2015 recruiting class is the No. 1 group in the nation, and over the long weekend, the rising freshmen made the move to Tuscaloosa to begin their college careers. As you'd expect, plenty of tweets and Instagram posts about the process followed..

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  13. Alabama Football Recruiting Offers of the Week

    Two weeks away from its first summer football camp of the offseason, Alabama had somewhat of a quiet week on the recruiting trail...

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  14. Alabama's 2015 Class Leaves Home, Arrives on Campus

    Many members of the Alabama 2015 recruiting class arrived in Tuscaloosa this weekend to check in and get ready for the first summer session.....

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  15. Who Will Be Alabama's Defensive MVP for the 2015 Season?

    The Alabama Crimson Tide have produced some of the best defensive players in the game. Nick Saban and his staff have always had an eye for defensive talent...

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  16. Which Alabama Freshman Will Be Expected to Play in 2015?

    The Alabama Crimson Tide annually have the most talented and deepest roster in the nation, and yet, year after year gifted freshman find ways to contribute to the SEC juggernaut...

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  17. 5-Star RB Harris Posted Heartfelt Tweet About Beginning of Bama Career

    Damien Harris' time with the University of Alabama officially begins today. The 5-foot-11, 205-pound running back has graduated high school and is headed down to Tuscaloosa, Ala. ...

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  18. Kendell Jones Commits to Alabama: 'The Hulk' Will Be a Dominant Defender in SEC

    Last week was a roller coaster of sorts for Killeen, Texas, defensive tackle Kendell Jones Jr. In a matter of 24 hours last Thursday, he was committed to Alabama, not committed ...

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  19. Alabama Football: Early Grades for 2016 Recruiting Class

    A slow start isn ’t necessarily a bad thing for Alabama in recruiting, and it’s not that uncommon either. The 2016 class might just be taking a little longer than usual...

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  20. Alabama Defensive Line Target Kendell 'Hulk' Jones Set for Commitment

    Alabama could add to its commitment total later today if Killeen, Texas four-star defensive tackle Kendell Jones rolls with the Tide...

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  21. Alabama's Summer Enrollees with Best Shot at Early Playing Time

    Several freshmen — such as safety Ronnie Harrison and quarterback Blake Barnett — enrolled at Alabama in January, providing them with an opportunity to take part in the Tide's spring practice...

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  22. Alabama Football: Why QB Is Not Tide's Most Important Position for 2015

    Alabama's quarterback battle remains one of the most talked about storylines of the college football offseason...

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  23. Alabama vs. Wisconsin in AT&T Stadium Goes Primetime

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  24. Is Alabama's 2015 Schedule the Toughest of the Nick Saban Era?

    For all of the praise and accolades heaped on Alabama and Nick Saban during their tear through college football together—and it is all much deserved—they still have only gone undefeated, perfect, through an entire football season once...

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  25. Who Was Alabama's Best NFL Player During 2014 Season?

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