1. Ahtyba Rubin played against Roethlisberger a lot while with Browns and said this following his int. today: 'That guy deserves to get picked'

  2. Not to be outdone by the secondary, D-tackle Ahtyba Rubin snatched an #interception of his own! VIDEO [https://t.co/lkG8QWuEAr] #PITvsSEA

  3. Didn't Ahtyba Rubin have INT today for team that went to Super Bowl twice? SMH again

  4. Antonio Brown falls down on deep ball. Easiest INT for Richard Sherman, who now has many INTs this season as Ahtyba Rubin. #Seahawks ball

  5. Antonio Brown falls down on deep ball. Easiest INT of Richard Sherman, who now has many INTs this season as Ahtyba Rubin. #Seahawks ball

  6. Richard Sherman equals Ahtyba Rubin's INT, returns it to PIT 40. #PITvsSEA

  7. After Ahtyba Rubin INT, I would expect Jabaal Sheard to get 2 sacks and fumble tonight for Patriots. Did we mention Hoyer won again?

  8. DT Ahtyba Rubin getting blocked 3 yds back by PIT's DeCastro is reason he was there to INT Roethlisberger's pass. #Seahawks turn that into 6

  9. Another former #Browns player with a big play as DT Ahtyba Rubin with an interception to set up Seahawks TD to tie Steelers

  10. Ahtyba Rubin interception.

  11. Ahtyba Rubin INT!

  12. Huge break for Seahawks as Rubin picks it off.

  13. Tuba Rubin with a pick!

  14. DT Ahtyba Rubin, of all #Seahawks, big INT of Roethlisberger on what looked like the worst screen pass since SEA's last one. SEA at PIT 37

  15. Rubin interception … He now has more than Richard Sherman this season

  16. Odd throw. Looked like Kam might have picked it if Rubin hadn't.

  17. Woah, an Ahtyba Rubin pick.

  18. #INTERCEPTION! Ahtyba Rubin.. wait what? Yes! DT Ahtyba Rubin. #BigGuysBigPlays #PITvsSEA

  19. That is such great awareness from Rubin. Getting more time with Hill out, making the most of it.

  20. Looks like ball slipped out of Roethlisberger's hands and Rubin able to controlit while being blocked by DeCastro

  21. Ahtyba Rubin will get more downs at DT as Jordan Hill limps off. #Seahawks

  22. Officials get new #Seahawks DT Ahtyba Rubin for extra kick on Rams Tavon Austin at end of that run. STL at SEA 48, down 13-10 3Q

  23. Think what you will of the actual contact after tackle by Ahtyba Rubin, but fact is it was completely unnecessary. #Seahawks

  24. Seahawks pass-rush is showing up. Five QB hits, two sacks all from Rubin, Bennett and Irvin.

  25. #Seahawks d-line to start this drive, 2Q: Cassius Marsh, Michael Bennett ends, Ahtyba Rubin, Jordan Hill tackles.

  26. As announced in box, #Seahawks DT Brandon Mebane doubtful to return w/ groin injury. Backup David King inactive;Rubin/Hill/Clark next men up

  27. Rookie DE Frank Clark getting inside snap at tackle 1st, 2d downs, next to Jordan Hill. Rubin at DE as #Seahawks change it up on CHI

  28. ICYMI, early returns positive for Seahawks newcomers. Player-by-player look at Cary Williams, Lockett, Rubin & more. https://t.co/bBe86lyV10

  29. Nickel so far is Marsh and Burley in for Irvin and Rubin.

  30. Rubin, Morgan, Kearse the alternate captains this week for @seahawks

  31. Ahtyba Rubin with a stop for no gain on first down. #SEAvsCIN

  32. Rubin with the sack there, fourth of the day for the Seahawks.

  33. #SACK Ahytba Rubin gives Seahawks 4 on the day! #SEAvsCIN #FINISH

  34. Seahawks go nickel and Shead and Dobbs come in for Rubin, Mebane.

  35. Ahtyba Rubin's first sack of the season wiped out by defensive holding.

  36. Avril hits Newton, Ahtyba Rubin brings him down. Defensive holding call on Richard Sherman wipes out sack. #CARvsSEA

  37. Avril destroyed his man with the bull rush, Rubin cleaned up. But Sherm gets called for defensive holding.