1. Travis Kelce Hopes to Help Open Up the Kansas City Chiefs Offense

    As Kansas City Chiefs fans continue to discuss the 2014 NFL Draft and the receivers available, keep in mind one player who could help those receivers on the outside...

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  2. What are Chiefs up to at free safety?

    A potential starter at free safety eluded the Kansas City Chiefs this week when veteran Danieal Manning signed with the Cincinnati Bengals before he could make his free-agent visit to Kansas City...

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  3. Why the Chargers Should Draft a Outside Linebacker in the 1st Round

    As the free agency season has moved along, it has become increasingly clear that the AFC West has become one of the toughest divisions in the NFL ...

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  4. Unlike 2013, Chargers Losses Appear Minor

    Departures are part of every NFL team's offseason. Some losses sting more than others. Others are addition by subtraction.....

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  5. Broncos' Dates Set for OTAs, Minicamp

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  6. RTC: MJD Says Raiders Believed in Him

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  7. Kawakami: Who's Shaping the Raiders' Future?

    If you want to ponder an overriding football philosophy that could steer Raiders owner Mark Davis deep into the future, I think I would focus more on their most famous former coach than anybody else ...

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  8. Debate: Who Do You Want Raiders to Draft in the 1st Round?

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  9. Sanders Commings Could Be the Answer for the Kansas City Chiefs at Free Safety

    If you were to ask 10 Kansas City Chiefs fans what the biggest position of need for the team was moving into the 2014 season, it's likely that at least seven would say free safety...

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  10. Chris Harris Jr. Still a Rare Find for Broncos

    The Denver Broncos watch the recoveries of all of their surgically-repaired players with great interest, but the recovery timetable of one of those players will have the most significant ...

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  11. Back to School with DeMarcus Ware

    Like a lot of players on the move this offseason, the new Denver Bronco has some studying to do to get up to speed with his new team...

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  12. Chargers, Faulconer Set for 1st Real Date

    This is just a step. But since the future of our most popular civic entity has been a stagnant topic for so long, we need to be thankful for any movement...

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  13. Agent's Take: Examining How the Raiders Have Spent Their Offseason

    Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis saying there aren't any more built-in excuses for losing put general manager Reggie McKenzie, hired in January 2012, in a difficult position entering free agency...

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  14. Broncos React to Snow Day on Twitter

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  15. Denver Broncos: A Closer Look at the Offensive Line Heading into the Draft

    The Denver Broncos have been one of the most active teams in free agency. They’ ve made several moves to add talent and depth to both sides of the ball...

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  16. Raiders Offseason Schedule Announced

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  17. Kansas City Chiefs' Top Remaining Offseason Priorities

    Roughly a month away from the 2014 NFL draft (May 8-10), and with the peak of free agency in the rearview mirror, some Kansas City Chiefs fans will tell you the sky is falling—it's not...

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  18. Bolts Offseason Program Just Around the Corner

    The NFL Draft is a little over a month away…but that's not the next big event when it comes to Chargers football...

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  19. NFL Draft 2014 : The Oakland Raiders Must Draft WR Sammy Watkins

    The Oakland Raiders need playmakers on offense and after whiffing on DeSean Jackson , who signed a deal with the Washington Redskins on Tuesday, it's clear that the position of greatest need is wide receiver...

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  20. 5 Best-Case Scenarios for Denver Broncos in 2014 NFL Draft

    The Broncos have been insanely active in free agency, picking up premium players to both bolster the defense and keep the offense firing on all cylinders...

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  21. DeSean Jackson's Deal Too Costly for Chiefs

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  22. Failure to Land DeSean Jackson Leaves Raiders Desperate for Help

    Oakland Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie has done a good job rebuilding this offseason. After a rocky start that included voiding the contract of their most high-profile ...

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  23. Denver Broncos' Top Remaining Offseason Priorities

    The Denver Broncos have added quality talent so far this offseason in free agency. Their moves have given clues as to what positions they felt were the most important to address...

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  24. San Diego Chargers' Top Remaining Offseason Priorities

    The Chargers have gotten a lot done in the offseason thus far, and year two under general manager Tom Telesco is off to a relatively good start...

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  25. Projecting Denver Broncos Depth Chart After Peak of Free Agency

    The Denver Broncos had arguably the best free-agency period of any team in the NFL . The Broncos added defensive end DeMarcus Ware, safety T.J. Ward, receiver Emmanuel Sanders and cornerback Aqib Talib during free agency...

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