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Multiplatform & Mobile Site Stats + YOY Growth

  • 40.7M Monthly Multi Platform Unique Visitors & 191M Monthly Multi Platform Visits per June 2014 comScore
  • +64% YOY Growth of Unique Visitors
  • 28.6 Monthly Mobile Unique Visitors per June 2014 comScore
  • Mobile Unique Users are up 201% YOY
  • 5-Star mobile Team Stream App with over 9.2 million downloads


  • 75% of Multiplatform Users are Male with a 151 Index & 77% of Mobile Audience is Male with a 158 Index
  • Male 18-34 Multiplatform Index is 225 & Mobile Index is 201
  • 2nd Most visited digital sports property

Social Stats

  • Per NewsWhip in June 2014 we are the biggest sports publisher on both Twitter and Facebook
  • As of June 2014, of the 2M+ Likes on our main Facebook page are 81% Male - 30% are from Males 18-25 and 51% are from Males 18-34
  • We have 800K Followers on our main Twitter stream - they are 88% Male, 12% Female

Advertiser Benefits

  • Innovative Advertising

    High-impact capabilities such as full-page skins, OPA Pushdown Ads, roadblocks, plus custom programs like Event Packages, Sponsored Editorial, Newsletters, and Contests
  • Large and engaged audiences

    Capitalize on the growth and target users by league, sport, or team
  • Sports fans year round

    Reach passionate sports fans daily throughout the year. Our fans follow their news in- and out-of-season

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