1. ICYMI: Age is truly but a number for Colts' Matt Hasselbeck and Adam Vinatieri https://t.co/TdlVO9CuQw

  2. Age Just a Number for Hasselbeck, Vinatieri

  3. Adam Vinatieri Makes Only Field Goal Sunday

  4. Clutch Vinatieri Kicks Another Winner

  5. Adam Vinatieri Hits Go-ahead 55-yarder In Week 9 Win

  6. Age is truly but a number for Matt Hasselbeck and Adam Vinatieri. Only two players on Colts roster born in 1970's https://t.co/TdlVO9CuQw

  7. Stop rinse repeat: Vinatieri's late FG lifts Colts, this time past Falcons 24-21 https://t.co/Fv7sbijKkc

  8. Adam Vinatieri Hits All Four FGs In Rainy Week 8 Loss

  9. IT'S GOOD. Colts take charge in overtime with Adam Vinatieri's 50-yd FG. Vinateri now has 10 OT field goals, the most in NFL history.

  10. Adam Vinatieri Hits All Three Extra-points In Colts Loss

  11. #Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri added yet another game winning FG to his resume on Sunday. https://t.co/nhSX7vhOAU https://t.co/pk48w5SBLC

  12. Great headline for today's @IndyStarSports front: Never Gets Old (talking about you, Hasselbeck and Vinatieri) https://t.co/YNUdAZgXtZ

  13. Hear from Coby Fleener, Adam Vinatieri and Pat McAfee on today's win against Atlanta: https://t.co/V95qX8Nggh https://t.co/PlGNlQQ5tf

  14. Vinatieri 1st Player to Score 1K Points for Multiple Teams

  15. Colts K Adam Vinatieri first player in #NFL history to score at least 1,000 points with two different teams.

  16. Another one from ageless Colts Matt Hasselbeck, Adam Vinatieri https://t.co/Xm21fNLl4a via @cbs4indy

  17. Matt Hasselbeck, Adam Vinatieri showing that age is just a number https://t.co/iSUJk0YMoQ https://t.co/oL91JfCvIW

  18. From talking with Vinatieri recently, I get the feeling he wants to keep playing. Turns 43 in December. https://t.co/60rXTuqRGz

  19. . @Colts Post-Game Report: @PatMcAfeeShow on @adamvinatieri ? #MustSee https://t.co/HazkqogNZ1 https://t.co/7e17pxyVIM

  20. Hasselbeck, Vinatieri lead Colts to 24-21 win over Falcons https://t.co/rEOVghe51b

  21. More McAfee on Vinatieri: "Guy's wearing Depends and just knocking home game-winners every week."

  22. Quick story from Atlanta: Matt Hasselbeck can't lose, Adam Vinatieri can't miss, and the Colts are 5-5 https://t.co/Gp36ZKxTuX

  23. McAfee says Vinatieri always says yeah when he's ready before a FG, except game-winners. On those, has the look of a "soulless man".

  24. Colts vs. Falcons Final Score: Colts win 24-21 on Adam Vinatieri game-winning FG https://t.co/I8AKNodPvg https://t.co/sUD2lfarfy

  25. Sorry, Vinatieri FG was 43, not 42 yards away.

  26. ADAM VINATIERI. Mr. Automatic is good from 43-yards out and the Colts take a 24-21 lead over the Falcons with 52 seconds left.

  27. Another clutch kick by Vinatieri https://t.co/ls0SYOURxY

  28. 300th game... Still as clutch as ever. @adamvinatieri Colts 24 | @AtlantaFalcons 21 https://t.co/j27GLcSqOO

  29. That Vinatieri guy, who I hear is pretty good made a 55-yarder to beat the Broncos in Week 9. Just made a 43-yarder to put Colts up, 24-21.

  30. Adam Vinatieri is money, 43-yard FG. #Colts 24-21, :52 seconds left.

  31. Vinatieri 42-yard FG gives Colts another 14-point 2nd half comeback...for now. 52 seconds left. Falcons out of timeouts.

  32. If #Colts hold and win, that's Adam Vinatieri's 26th game-winning kick of his career, in his 300th NFL game.

  33. #Colts take the lead on an @adamvinatieri 43 yd field goal 24-21 with 52 seconds left in the game. #Rollercoaster #INDvsATL

  34. Vinatieri setting up to kick the go ahead field goal from 42 yes with : 57 left.

  35. Adam Vinatieri is money in the 4th quarter. In other news, the sky is blue and grass is green.

  36. Adam Vinatieri appearing in 300th game. Ageless.

  37. Vinatieri good from 58 in warmups. Told me this week he wants to hit from 60 in a game before he hangs it up. (career long: 57, back in 02)

  38. Today, Adam Vinatieri becomes just the 10th player in NFL history to play in 300 games. Think about. 300 NFL games. https://t.co/H5nLz4W9B6

  39. #Repost @hasselbeck ・・・ #tbt Mr. Adam Vinatieri

  40. The @adamvinatieri photo is priceless. https://t.co/m9Qcqcs3bW

  41. Here's something we don't see everyday: a 40-year-old kicker helping out on punt coverage. Adam Vinatieri. The man can do it all.

  42. My point about Vinatieri wasn’t, “Gostkowski’s better.” It was more them being back-to-back placekicking version of Montana/Young.

  43. Great question. Three answers: 1 Would be thrilled w/either. 2 This moment: Gostkowski. 3 Pre-2015ish: Vinatieri. https://t.co/wOr3IG362n

  44. As good as Vinatieri was … FG% Xpt% Vinatieri .833 .986 Gostkowski .879 .998 (Includes playoffs)

  45. Most field goals, Patriots history Stephen Gostkowski 264 Adam Vinatieri 263 Gostkowski broke the record with the game-winning FG

  46. Gostkowski's game-winning FG moves him past Adam Vinatieri for most FG in @Patriots history.