1. Paul George. Adam Vinatieri. Money x 2.

  2. Age Just a Number for Hasselbeck, Vinatieri

  3. Adam Vinatieri Makes Only Field Goal Sunday

  4. Clutch Vinatieri Kicks Another Winner

  5. Adam Vinatieri Hits Go-ahead 55-yarder In Week 9 Win

  6. Got it. Remember Vinatieri telling me his greatest FG might have been one in snowstorm that sent Pats into OT vs Raiders in Tuck Game.

  7. Old, Reliable: Hasselbeck, Vinatieri again lead #Colts to victory https://t.co/FIUbj6lmFQ … https://t.co/es3HnP0XHN

  8. Hasselbeck, Vinatieri lead Colts to 25-12 win over Bucs https://t.co/s6jatKiVE9

  9. Adam Vinatieri Hits All Four FGs In Rainy Week 8 Loss

  10. IT'S GOOD. Colts take charge in overtime with Adam Vinatieri's 50-yd FG. Vinateri now has 10 OT field goals, the most in NFL history.

  11. Adam Vinatieri Hits All Three Extra-points In Colts Loss

  12. Hasselbeck finds Hilton for the TD, and it's 25-12. PAT no good after a rare bad snap by Overton. Vinatieri hooks it badly.

  13. Vinatieri hooks the PAT and it's 25-12 with 5:53 remaining.

  14. Vinatieri misses the extra point. When's the last time that happened?

  15. Vinatieri 1st Player to Score 1K Points for Multiple Teams

  16. Colts K Adam Vinatieri first player in #NFL history to score at least 1,000 points with two different teams.

  17. T.Y. Hilton catches quick sideline out for second TD of day. Adam Vinatieri misses extra point. #Colts lead 25-12, 5:53 remaining.

  18. Wow. Vinatieri misses a 30 yarder but Tampa flagged. Automatic first down.

  19. Vinatieri field goal is good, but Chris Conte flagged for leaping over the line. First down for Colts ...

  20. Pass rush gets through again and another incompletion from Hasselbeck will bring on Adam Vinatieri.

  21. Another Vinatieri FG for the Colts, this one from 44-yards out, gives Indy a 19-12 lead with 1:02 left in the third quarter.

  22. 7 plays, 15 yards, 2:55. 44-yard FG for Vinatieri. #Colts lead 19-12. 1:02 3Q.

  23. Again, Colts take advantage of great field position and Vinatieri kicks a 41 yard field goal. Colts up 19-12 with 1:02 left in the third.

  24. Adam Vinatieri with his fourth make in four tries. #Colts with breathing room (for this game), lead 19-12.

  25. Adam Vinatieri kicks 44-yard FG. #Colts, 19-12, 1:02 remaining, 3rd qtr.

  26. Colts extend lead to 19-12 with a 44-yard Vinatieri FG with 1:02 left 3rd Q

  27. Big day continues for Vinatieri. 4-for-4. #Colts

  28. Adam Vinatieri makes it a 7-point deficit, which in this game is a three-score game.

  29. 44-yard field goal by Adam Vinatieri is good -- Colts lead Bucs 19-12, outscoring them 13-0 in third quarter ...

  30. Adam Vinatieri GOOD from 44-yards out. That's 16 in a row for him and his fourth today. Colts lead 19-12.

  31. Colts narrow margin to 12-9 with 10:01 left in third quarter after 26-yard FG by Vinatieri. Drive: 8-56-3:04. Indy red zone issues continue.

  32. Adam Vinatieri GOOD from 26 yards out and he's 3-for-3 today. Has hit 15 in a row and brings Colts within three. Buccaneers lead 12-9.

  33. 8 plays, 56 yards, 3:04. 26-yard FG by Vinatieri. Bucs lead 12-9. 10:01 3Q. #Colts

  34. Another drive halted. Colts will have to settle for another Vinatieri field goal. Bucs still up 12-9

  35. And the #Colts move within two Vinatieri FGs of the lead.

  36. More red-zone problems for the Colts. Another good, long drive, but Indy stopped at the 7. Vinatieri kicks a 25 yard field goa. TB, 12-9.

  37. Vinatieri kick good from 26 and Colts cut Bucs' lead to 12-9, 10:01 left in third ...

  38. Lifeless game so far. All @adamvinatieri. Good from 27 yards. #Colts lead 6-3

  39. #Bucs limit Colts to a second FG by Adam Vinatieri, this time from 27 yards. Colts 6, Bucs 3. 12:44 in first half.

  40. Adam Vinatieri GOOD from 27 yards out. Colts lead 6-3.

  41. Colts' 11 play drive stalls at the 9 yard line, Vinatieri finishes it off with a 27 yard field goal. Colts lead 6-3.

  42. 11 plays, 76 yards, 5:06. 27-yard FG by Vinatieri. #Colts lead 6-3. 12:44 2 Q.

  43. Colts regain lead on 27-yard FG by Vinatieri with 12:44 left in the second quarter. Drive: 11-76-5:06.

  44. Good coverage by Sterling Moore on Hilton and Hasselbeck throws high. Colts will settle for a FG attempt from Vinatieri.

  45. Vinatieri is good from 27 and Colts take 6-3 lead on Bucs, 12:44 left in second quarter.

  46. 14 straight for Vinatieri. #Colts

  47. Bucs defense holds again and Vinatieri out for short field goal ...

  48. Colts take 3-0 lead on Tampa Bay on 49-yard FG by Adam Vinatieri with 8:13 left in the first quarter. Drive: 15-52-6:47.