1. After Schafer grounds Gennett up to second, Adam Lind collects another RBI by singling to center. 1-0 #Brewers!

  2. Brewers Exercise 2016 Option on Lind

  3. Adam Lind gives #Brewers 1-0 lead in the first inning with one out RBI single to center.

  4. The #Brewers strike first on an RBI single from Adam Lind. The Crew leads 1-0 in the 1st. #MILvsSD

  5. A big bouncer goes over the head of the third baseman! Adam Lind comes in from second. Khris Davis (walk) up to third. Segura into second.

  6. #Brewers have 2-0 lead in 1st in RBU single by Lind and RBI double by Segura

  7. Adam Lind not enthralled with Jeff Nelson's strike three call but #Brewers are done in 5th. Still trail Padres 3-2.

  8. Tonight's #Brewers lineup: 2B Gennett, CF Schafer, 1B Lind, LF Davis, RF Peterson, SS Segura, 3B Perez, C Maldonado, P Davies

  9. Schafer is stranded at third after Lind and Davis both strike out swinging. #Brewers

  10. Lind and Davis strike out and Schafer is stranded on third. No score for #Brewers in first.

  11. Adam Lind grounds into double play and #Brewers are done in 3rd. Still no score in SD.

  12. Tonight's #Brewers lineup: 2B Gennett, CF Schafer, 1B Lind, LF Davis, RF Santana, SS Segura, 3B Perez, C Ashley, P Peña

  13. The #Cubs go in order in the 1st. #Whiff #Whiff #Whiff Gennett, Schafer and Lind coming up! #MILvsCHC

  14. Schafer reaches with two outs on a Baez error, but Lind fouls out. Cubs take 5-0 lead to the seventh.

  15. A clean 9th from Houser, last chance for the Crew with Lind, Davis and Santana coming up trailing 6-1. #MILvsCHC

  16. Wagner never gave in to Rizzo and eventually got him to pull a grounder right at Adam Lind for the third out. Jam escaped. 1-0 Cubs, mid 5.

  17. Today's #Brewers lineup: 2B Gennett, RF Peterson, 1B Lind, LF Davis, CF Santana, 3B Perez, SS Segura, C Maldonado, P Lopez

  18. The #Cubs strike for three in the 1st. Gennett, Peterson and Lind coming up for the #Brewers. #MILvsCHC

  19. Adam Lind out at first base on 3-4-1 play. Despite that pinball action, he couldn't beat out hit and so #Brewers trail 3-1 after three.

  20. Adam Lind (.277, 20hr, 87rbi) has been voted #Brewers Top Newcomer by the Milwaukee Chapter of the BBWAA.

  21. Full awards: MVPlayer - Braun MVPitcher - Rodriguez Unsung Hero - Jeffress Top Newcomer - Lind "Good Guy" - Lucroy http://t.co/UoXPdSYv0Z

  22. What We Learned: Adam Lind stabilized first base for the Brewers http://t.co/klTivbS388 http://t.co/EuYkIfH31i

  23. You look at what Marco Estrada did for Jays and what Adam Lind did for #Brewers and that's epitome of good baseball trade. Good for both.

  24. Adam Lind said #Brewers have until three days after the WS (so Wednesday) to exercise $8M option for '16. Buyout would be $500,000.

  25. Cardinals announce some contract option decisions. Reminds me that those must be made within 3 days of #WorldSeries finish. So, Adam Lind..?

  26. There is every expectation that #Brewers will exercise 2016 option for $8M on 1B Adam Lind. At very least, could trade him for prospects.

  27. Brewers expected to exercise Lind's option https://t.co/4LIAAqVvQ8

  28. Brewers with Options: Adam Lind https://t.co/DPRU3v3TNx https://t.co/UmiGZ9khAB

  29. Brewers source says team actually has 10 days to decide on Adam Lind's option, not three as the player had said. So look for that next week.

  30. The #Brewers have exercised the 2016 club option on 1B Adam Lind (149g, .277, 20hr, 87rbi).

  31. Brewers have exercised Adam Lind's $8M option for 2016.

  32. #Brewers officially bringing back 1B Adam Lind (so they can trade him) https://t.co/jrcryr6kSX

  33. #Brewers announce they have exercised 2016 option on 1B Adam Lind. It is $8 million.

  34. Brewers pick up '16 option on Adam Lind https://t.co/RKkKuI03IF

  35. Lind call was reasonably straightforward. $8M is fair for 20hr/87rbi, and makes him decent trade bait between now and next July 31.

  36. #Brewers announce that they have exercised the 2016 option on Adam Lind's contract which is valued at $8 million.

  37. #Brewers exercise $8 million option on Adam Lind https://t.co/mCXYmKyy6x

  38. Brewers exercise 2016 option on Adam Lind https://t.co/9VgTyhUvZQ #brewers

  39. The Brewers have exercised their 2016 option on Adam Lind: https://t.co/dNWGJvm7kc https://t.co/zT3eCXTM2y

  40. The Brewers exercised an $8 million option on first baseman Adam Lind https://t.co/wyE29Czd3g https://t.co/RGU0UzHHFn