1. Abry Jones moving well tonight, just made a nice tackle away from his spot.

  2. At the half. The good: Grant, Bennett, Cann, Morris, Pierce, Lotulelei, Abry Jones. #Jaguars

  3. Abry Jones got under Shaq Mason's pads and eventually forced Brady to chuck it away

  4. #Jaguars finally get pressure on Brady with Abry Jones, force incompletion

  5. Take a bow, Abry Jones. At least one of #Jaguars got legit pressure on Brady in first half.

  6. Abry Jones did it to Shaq Mason again, and Shaq got help on the play.

  7. Jaguars get a huge break. Abry Jones recovers fumble by Frank Gore in end zone. First down at 20. Jaguars 13, Colts 13 with 8:19 remaining.

  8. Evans forced Gore fumble, recovered by Abry Jones. Does either team want to win this game? Sheesh! #Jaguars

  9. Jaguars defense with a huge turnover. Evans knocks ball loose from Gore, Abry Jones recovers fumble in the end zone.


  11. Watch as @bigdavis813, @JustAB3, @98ChrisSmith and @SergioBrown38 try to pronounce Tyson Alualu's son's middle name. https://t.co/ojahoFL6a5

  12. “Roy [Miller] and Abry Jones played really well in the middle of the defensive line.” — #Jaguars HC Gus Bradley

  13. “You’ll see Abry [Jones], Tyson [Alualu], and Roy [Miller].” — #Jaguars HC Gus Bradley on who will play interior defensive line

  14. Correction: Abry Jones gets credit for strip sack for #Jaguars.

  15. Check that: Abry Jones credited with sack and forced fumble. #Jaguars

  16. DT Abry Jones gets credit for sack and forced fumble.

  17. Abry Jones with the sack/forced fumble. 3 turnovers for #Jaguars defense this quarter.

  18. Abry Jones on sack and forced fumble, Tyson Alualu on recovery for #Jaguars. #RavensTalk