1. 'Back to the Future' Omen Gets Aberdeen Fans Excited over Scottish Title Bid

    At the start of the Scottish Premiership season, everybody thought it would be a procession for defending champions Celtic . Aberdeen were 41-1 to win the league according to BetInf...

    Sean Fay Written by Sean Fay about 3 months ago 7,252 reads 5 comments

  2. Aberdeen Sign Striker Goodwillie

    James Wrabel Written by James Wrabel about 9 months ago 56 reads 0 comments

  3. 9-Year-Old Aberdeen Fans Calls on Club to Sign Messi, Ronaldo, Zlatan and More

    A nine-year-old Aberdeen fan submitted his transfer wish list to the club on Friday, including some of the world's greatest names...

    Will Tidey Written by Will Tidey about 11 months ago 5,796 reads 9 comments