1. 'Back to the Future' Omen Gets Aberdeen Fans Excited over Scottish Title Bid

    At the start of the Scottish Premiership season, everybody thought it would be a procession for defending champions Celtic . Aberdeen were 41-1 to win the league according to BetInf...

    Sean Fay Written by Sean Fay about 1 month ago 7,242 reads 5 comments

  2. Aberdeen Sign Striker Goodwillie

    James Wrabel Written by James Wrabel about 8 months ago 56 reads 0 comments

  3. 9-Year-Old Aberdeen Fans Calls on Club to Sign Messi, Ronaldo, Zlatan and More

    A nine-year-old Aberdeen fan submitted his transfer wish list to the club on Friday, including some of the world's greatest names...

    Will Tidey Written by Will Tidey about 9 months ago 5,791 reads 9 comments